RealDoll To Release Robotic Head With Real A.I.


RealDoll is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary next year by releasing a robotic head. Matt McMullen, CEO of RealDoll, explained the release:

“We are building an A.I. system which can either be connected to a robotic doll OR experienced in a VR environment. I think the sex industry is headed for the integration of a LOT of new technology. A.I. and VR, to name a couple. Teledildonics as well.”

RealDoll’s target release date for the A.I. is sometime in the next six months and the robotic head should be ready by the end of next year (2017).

Not much has been heard from RealDoll in the last few years so this is a significant step forward with the company. Depending on how well their A.I. system works out, RealDoll could be the leader of A.I. sex bots in the near future.

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VixenVR: Setting New Standards For Virtual Reality Sex Games

virtual reality sex simulator

Ever expanding and continuously updated, is a start-up virtual sex themed adult entertainment company that has quickly risen.

“The VixenVR adult Gaming Experience and the Girlfriend Experience is like no other! Get closer than you ever dreamed to your favorite virtual reality girls… Immerse yourself in one of our open world games or experience a Vixen VR girl up close and more intimate then you ever imagined possible. These real life VR models will be all around you and so close that your reality will be blissfully blurred as you are in full 360 presence of your favorite Vixen VR girlz. If you should dare to dive deeper into the world of erotic VR take a journey like no other through Temptation Towers. The first streaming multiple content adult gaming platform.” –

Temptation Towers is the latest release from VixenVR. It is a hot addition to the adult themed,streaming, interactive virtual reality game experiences Vixen VR has created. “racy rooms, exotic levels, audacious apartments and penthouses filled with passionate playthings” pretty much sums up the wold the user will be entering in this one.

temptation towers vr sex simulator

Navigating your way through Temptation Towers is where the gamplay is strongest.

Testing the players hand and eye coordination, maneuvering your way across obstacles such as walking across thin beams outside and high above the city. Making it across can put the player in special VIP sections but one slip and you tumble down into something only the kinkiest people would enjoy. This is an innovative approach to creating a form of “punishment” for bad gameplay not seen in other VR sex games.

Temptation Towers is an ongoing, ever-developing an evolving VR sex adventure optimized, updated and upgraded continuously via the internet.

Compatible with Oculus, HTC Vive,OSVR and PC. *Oculus system requirements recommended *Secure Internet connection required *Streaming,updates and performance based on internet speeds and may vary

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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Groping Simulator

CGI Nudity In Mainstream Video Games

Dead or ALive Xtreme 3 came out earlier this year in Japan and the rest of Asia and features some great graphics and animations. The biggest feature that is making wave in North America (and probably is an obstacle for the game being brought here) is the “groping simulator” feature that has been added.

Essential the player can utilize a piece of flying tech to use as a surrogate for groping various game characters from the series. Although beach volleyball has always been a centralized theme for the series this new addition has made DOA Xtreme 3 a groping simulator to many people.

Some people has gone so far as to call DOA Xtreme 3 a sex game which seems a little extreme as sex games typically feature sex and DOA Xtreme 3 does not. Either way, the new groping feature has put the spotlight on the DOA series for the same reasons the spotlight was originally on the game when it debuted on Xbox back in 2003.

To see DOA Xtreme 3’s groping feature in action check the video below:

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Anime Sex Positions Sex Simulator

Probably some of the best anime artwork ever in a sex simulator. Again, this is a sex simulator so not much in terms of gameplay here but everyone’s fantasy of fucking a hot anime chick can definitely be realized with this one.

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Christie’s Room Sex Simulator Game

A true sex simulator game. Seduce Christie in her room to the point of her fucking your brains out. The CGI graphics in this game are pretty good. No cartoony stuff here.

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Jessica vs Holli Sex Game

2 sexy cartoon starlets star in this unique guitar hero type game. Timing is crucial as the player must hit the arrows in the right order at the precise time. Challenging and erotic.

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Memory Match Hentai Sex Game

Fans of anime sex (hentai) will love this one. Classic memory matching style gameplay combined with top notch anime art makes for quite a stimulating sex game that can actually be quite challenging in later levels.

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Wilderness Sex Adventure Game

This is a strange one. The player finds a girl in the wilderness and with the right clicks on the right parts of the screen a scene is triggered. The goal is to fuck the girl in the woods but clicking on specific areas of each screen. High quality CGI graphics sex game.

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Workout Sex Simulator

CGI work out sex game. The gameplay is timing based so the player must click the bar at the right time to advance to the next stage. The reward? The player gets to watch the girl workout completely naked.

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Spa Sex Game

A pretty straightforward virtual sex simulator with a good amount of sex position selections. Nothing real new here in the world of adult gaming although the spa setting might be a first for a sex game.

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