Every Mass Effect Andromeda Sex Scene On One Site

Stagevu Has Done a Good Job Compiling All the Mass Effect Andromeda Sex Scenes

Stagevu Has Done a Good Job Compiling All the Mass Effect Andromeda Sex Scenes

Mass Effect is hands down the pinnacle of sex in a mainstream triple A game title. Even franchises that revolve around mature themes at every angle such as gang violence, drugs, and car jacking (GTA) does not come close to the explicit and detailed sex scenes found in Mass Effect games.

Andromeda, the latest in the Mass Effect series is no different.

With the developers literally calling it “softcore space porn” it’s clear that their openess on the subject lets us know that they will continue the trend of adding hot steam sex scenes to Mass Effect games.

Since the 2007 original Mass Effect and all the way through to Andromeda, Bioware has done what seemingly was impossible in the world of mainstream gaming: Normalizing and integrating softcore space porn into a mainstream game.

The video sharing site Stagevu has outdone itself and has compiled every Mass Effect Andromeda sex scene that exists.

Like CGI sex in games? Check out the virtual sex games page for more.

Plenty Of CGI Sex In The New Mass Effect Game

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The 18+ Only Game Crowdfunding Platform

Kimochi Red Is The Worlds First Kickstarter For Adult Games

Kimochi Red is the name and it’s like Kickstarter except that it’s for adult games that feature plenty of simulated nudity and sex.

The adult gaming crowdfunder has recently gone live and already has a plethora of crowdfunding adult only projects on the table.

Kimochi Red Light was created from the same people behind Nutaku, a gaming portal for 18+ games and visual novels. Nutaku proclaims Kimochi to be the first of its kind.

Several adult gaming projects are on the table already and most of them seem to have a hentai theme to them. Of course, Kimochi Red has only been live less than 2 months so who knows what adult game projects waiting to be funded in the future will show.

For now, Kimochi Red is a clear indication that adult gaming is becoming increasingly popular.

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Sex Simulator: The Best Of 2017

Best Sex Simulators Of 2017

When it comes to grading a sex simulator a few things come to mind: Graphics, Interactivity, and of course…fun. Keep in mind that some of these are free and some of them are not.

Here are the current best sex simulators available:

Waifu Sex Simulator 2.0

Released last month, the latest version of Waifu Sex Simulator includes even more hentai anime sex simulator fun than before. A true virtual reality sex simulator since a headset is reccomended. Obviously realism isn’t Waifu Sex Simulator’s strong point as the player is simulating sex with cartoon anime girls.

Ripened Peach Sex Sim

For A Free Sex Simulator Ripened Peach Offers A Lot Of Customizaiton

Covered on this site several years ago (full article). Ripened Peach Sex Sim has withstood the test of time and is currently considered the best free sex simulator available online.

Girlvania: Summer Lust

Girlvania Is A Newer Sex Simulator That Is Garnishing A Lot Of Attention

A newer sex simulator featuring some high quality original CGI artwork, Girlvania Summer Lust is already becoming quite popular with expansions like legs and feet taking off in sales. Yes, “sales” as in this is not a free sex simulator but when viewing the level of quality compared to other current sex simulators it’s clear to see why.

3D Girlz 2

Still the current king of sex simulators.3D Girlz 2 features some of the most realistic graphics and animations for a sex simulator to date but a powerful PC is required. The animation and graphical textures alone are on the same level as many mainstream PC games.


Pay To Play MMORPG 3DX Chat Virtual Sex Game

Sex Game Devil’s 3DXChat is also SGD’s first online sex game with high tech graphics and animations making for a top quality sex simulator. The ability to chat with others makes this sex simulator a top contender for interacvitivy since you are playing with others instead of just the computer A.I.

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1,000 Webcam Girls Will Be Getting Free VR Cameras

CEO of virtual reality company Terpon, Jean-Claude Artonne, promised to hand out 1,000 free VR cameras to webcam girls. The virtual reality company is hoping to use their own technology to capitalise on the rise of VR Porn by equipping the cammers in a bold marketing move. VR Company Has A Plan To Combine Camming With VR Porn

Mr Artonne said: “We want our customers to have the most up-to-date technology at their disposal, so their fans can experience them in the highest quality. Reasonably, I can tell you each performer will be able to change his/her cameras every four to six months during the first year and nine to 12 months thereafter. Considering how often people buy their own cameras, typically one every couple of years, our offer is the most logical and best-priced.”

Cam girl ‘Housewife Swag’: “With VR quickly becoming the latest trend, and sex toys becoming more virtual, it’s a logical step forward. I feel like it will create an additional element, but I don’t think it will change much. At least not until much later when VR is readily available to everyone at an affordable price.”

The VR porn industry is predicted to come close to $200 billion in profits by 2020.

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The New Look Of Sex Tech

Virtual Reality Sex Tech Is Looking Scary

The latest advances in virtual reality sex tech may invite people to try the technology, bringing people closer to realism but that doesn’t mean the devices LOOK inviting.
The VR Bangers POV Head Rig is another piece of virtual sex hardware that has been released recently.

It sports some impressive tech:

    Stereoscopic cameras for eyes

    Binaural sound microphones

    Multiple cameras across its surface to achieve 4K resolution

In order to make VR porn as immersive as it hopes to be, actors must interact with the equipment as though it were another person. This means getting up close and personal with a camera or a microphone.

With the POV Head Rig, the team at VR Bangers suggests virtual reality porn will be able to move past these awkward limitations to create ‘extraordinary’ content.

“The rig was built especially for adult VR scenes because we noticed that there is a much warmer and more intimate emotional attachment between the performer and the recording device if the device itself is able to be kissed, caressed, and whispered to in the same sort of ways that a real person would sense those subtle communications,” said CTO Boris Smirnoff.

Alongside VR Bangers comes CamSoda with something different in the world of virtual sex…

CamSoda has created a gas mask designed to enhance its online sex shows by allowing users to smell scents chosen by the performers. Upon purchasing the aptly named “OhRoma” technology, users will get the mask as well two canisters that fit into it. With the help of an app, the mask pairs with Bluetooth on a user’s smartphone.

Users can then watch a cam performer in virtual reality and experience the odors they’ve chosen from their own personal “scent profile.” That can include everything from perfume odors to ocean smells to body odor and even the scent of sex organs.

CamSoda president Daron Lundeen believes odor-oriented porn is the next step to making virtual reality more real than ever.

“We’re trying to touch on every possible way to make VR more than just visual,” Lundeen told HuffPost.

Virtual Sex Work

Currently, a successful cam model can make between $75 to $100 for a 30-minute show, according to the company. Lundeen predicts using the “OhRoma” technology could add an additional 25 percent to those earnings. Florida-based cam performer Victoria Ryan thinks “nose porn” is an idea whose time has come.

“There are a lot of guys who watch my shows who tell me, ‘God, I wish I could smell you,’” she told HuffPost.

Porn Smells Soon Coming To Virtual Porn

“And some will drop $50 just to buy my panties.”

One thing is clear…

This technology will be HUGE in Japan 🙂

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ThriXXX Releases “Escort Mode” For Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D Now Features An Escort Mode For Virtual Sex Workers To Make Money

“Escort Mode” for Chathouse 3D is now available. This new game mode makes it possible for users to earn money while playing Chathouse 3D and still enjoy the security and privacy the game offers.

The Escort Mode is interesting for both, professional and amateur models as they have no schedules to meet or quantities to fulfill. Basically their is no “qouta” they have to meet so can work and play 100% on their own time.

Any user interested can create a thri.xxx account or use an existing one and register as an escort. After a short security check (to make sure they are of legal age) they will be able to start earning money by playing with others in Chathouse 3D. For every escort session they will play with others they will get paid per minute (the more they play the more they will earn). Also, detailed statistics are available to check their earnings and sessions.

Appointments can be made with an escort who will try to fulfill fetishes or specials.

Normal users can rate escorts on their profile page in the new escort widget. If you are an active Escort, you will get a private message with detailed instructions.

To see all of ThriXXX’s adult games please visit virtual sex games.

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Phantasy Star Online Nude Mod

Phantasy Star Online. Three words synonomous with “Great Japanese MMORPG.”

With most other popular games comes the adult modding…

Now that private servers are available to play PSO the plethora of skilled hackers, crackers, and modders comes some wild times with gear and clothing ( or lack thereof in this case).

Although the modder has since been banned from Phantasy Star Online Ultima server screenshots were still managed to be salvaged of the infamous nude mod:

pso nude mod 1

pso nude mod 2

pso nude mod 3

Either way, I’m sure there are plenty of 30 and 40 year old gamers out there that wouldn’t mine having some PSO nostalgic fun. Ultima is currently the most popular private server at the moment so sign up and have fun completely free of charge 🙂

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DOOM Sex Mod

DOOM Nude Female Demon Artwork

Fan-made WAD files have been a blessing for the Doom community that has been enjoying player made Doom content for over 2 decades now.

With sex and nude pc game mods becoming increasingly popular it was only a matter of time before a XXX Doom WAD came into the light.DOOM Sex Mod

HDoomGuy is a Doom content creator behind HDoom, the WAD that “lets you have sex with the demons” making for a very different experience than what traditional Doom players might be used to.

It’s a pretty quality WAD with a definite hentai feel and amazing sprite artwork. It’s clear that HDoomGuy is a talented artist.

Want to learn more? Check out HDoomGuy’s Tumblr blog

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Virtual Porn In Japan Is Now Easily Accessible

virtual reality porn in japan is getting very popular

For 3,150 yen ($26.90) a person can spend all day in a Japanese “comic cafe” in Akihabara that includes a virtual porn entertainment setup via PC complete with VR headset. Just want to spend an hour there? It’s 550 yen (US$4.70).

Japanese adult entertainment company Soft Demand is offering virtual porn at a newly opened location in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

These comic cafes (漫画喫茶店) that double as local rent rooms are quite common in Japan. Named after the fact that you can drink coffee, tea, and soda while reading comics, but in reality you can do much more at these kinds of places. Playing games, watching porn, and watching TV are just a few of the things these “pseudo motels” are offering.

The Soft Demand VR experience promises “a new enjoyment” not previously experienced in comic cafe’s.

If anything this is another story that backs up Pornhub’s data analysis of the popularity of virtual porn.

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How Popular is Virtual Porn?

current state of virtual porn

The short answer: Very.

The long answer is virtual reality has gained global attention but from a country-by-country analysis things get interesting quickly.

Pornhub, one of the leading adult entertainment sites, published annual insights on consumer’s behavior with regards to virtual porn in the form of a couple of infographs. According Pornhub, VR porn is gaining a lot popularity…outside the United States. In the US virtual porn is lagging behind the traditional two-dimensional porn format that has existed since moving pictures first came about.

Asia in particular seems to be embracing virtual porn more than anywhere else in the world. China tops the list with its highest amount of virtual porn related searches online followed by Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Norway, Finland, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt and Chile.

From PornHub directly:

“We also found that when compared to other age groups the VR category is most popular among 25 to 34 year olds and interestingly enough it seems that this trend is not only true among Pornhub users.”

Virtual reality porn searches increased by 440 percent in 2016.

TechCrunch predicts that WebVR, experimental JavaScript API that provides access to Virtual Reality devices, will make virtual porn popular at a mainstream level. As WebVR is further adopted as a standard, it’s going to be a lot simpler to find high-quality virtual porn.

Here are Pornhub’s infographs on virtual porn:

virtual porn infograph

virtual porn by country

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