Online Sex Game Publisher’s $10 Million Offer To Developers

Nutaku is offering any game developer $10 million dollars to inlcude sex scenes in their game. The Canadian online sex game publisher is aiming long and hard at the adult market, quite undoubtely looking to be the leader in the online sex game market by expanding their selection of adult games. What better way to do that than to convert existing games into adult titles? (or at least create a second “adults only” version). online hentai sex game publisher

Nutaku’s communications manager Robert Mann said the following on the subject:

“The goal of this significant investment is to jumpstart an industry with incredible potential. Adult gaming is uniquely poised for enormous growth, with consumers demanding more premium content, but developers have previously suffered from limited exposure due to the lack of distribution platforms. We are creating a space for gamers and studios to explore a new territory bursting with consumer interest.”

Nutaku’s adult game lineup is quite impressive with hit titles such as Flower Knight Girl, Harem Heroes, Road Redemption, Fist of Jesus, Shards of Eradine, Girls on Tanks, and more.

Nutaku’s offer could be the ticket for many indie developers to get their company moving forward.

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Adult Affiliate Programs


adult affiliate program CPA company

CrakRevenue is still the king fo Adult CPA. A shit ton of offers ranging from PPL to PPS and their GEO targeting ensures that you won’t leave any valuable traffic on the table regardless of the country it’s coming from.

iStripper (Totemcash)

istripper totem cash affiliate program for webmast referrals

As far a live girl content goes, iStripper (formerly Totemcash) is solid adult entertainment product foccusing on the stripper niche. Because it’s generally a softcore product with non-nude advertising, there is a lot of promotional room here. At the same time advertising, this product on hardcore pornographic sites doesn’t work well. Again, this is a softcore adult entertainment product.


online sex games webmaster refferal adult affiliate program

Makers of the best online sex games around. Best graphics, most customization and even mini-games. Think second life based purely around wild sex. These guys have been around for a long time and they know how to run a persistant online adult MMO universe by constintenly adding new content.

3DX Girlz 2

3d sex simulator high tech realism virtual reality sex
Probably the most technologically advanced sex simulator on the planet but you need a powerful PC gaming rig to get the most out of it. A great product for those who promote in the CGI porn niche.

Sex Game Devil

sex game devil adult affiliate program

Sex Game Devil specialize in both offline and online sex games. Although they haven’t been in the spotlight as some of the other big adult gaming companies they still offer a decent a few adult games to promote. 3DXChat 2.0 is there current leading seller.


Flirt4Free Affiliate Program
A solid camming company. This site isn’t even geared towards cam content but still makes sales from a simple banner ad. If you are looking to promote adult cam modeling check them out.


adult affiliate program for lifeselector

These guys run interactive porn. They put the “game” in live action porn. Conversions with them are fair but they are considered “low tech” adult gaming especially to those who play online sex games. Still, they stand out and if you promote live action porn you are bound to make some sales here.

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Will Online Sex Games Eliminate Real Sex In The Future?

telling the difference between real women and cgi women is becoming increasingly harder to do

It’s getting harder to distinguish between a real woman (right) and a CGI woman (left) in an online sex game

It’s an interesting thought but when looking at the rate of technological advancement in gaming in general, it is almost scary how in the matter of 2 or 3 decades how fast technology has improved to the point that deciphering between real and fake has become quite difficult in some cases.

Now, most adult gaming CGI, although impressive, can be easily spotted as just that…CGI. The alternative erotic art site covered the rise of CGI Porn a couple of years ago with the secondary effects being a reduction in 2D adult art work emerging from independent erotic artists.

The theory follows that when a person can not distinguish between a real person (on screen) and a computer generated person then “true VR simulation” has been achieved. Of course, this only affects a couple of the 5 senses that humans use: Seeing and Hearing. Taste, Touch, and Smell still can’t be replicated perfectly by technology.

The other big draw is the Internet. Online sex games are the platform many use to act out their sexual desires in a law abiding way from the safety and security of their own home. These online sex games power the VR sex simulation movement where people even today are choosing virtual porn over the real thing. Sex game apps that allow for virtual dating with A.I. sex chat bots have replaced a lot of social media interaction with real people.

Between the connection between people the Internet provides and the lack of real human contact virtual reality provides it is easy to see that real sex could, infact, be replaced by online sex games and the sex that goes along with them.

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HTTPS and The “Virtual Future” of Adult Entertainment Online

The days of adult book stores and novelty shops are just that. A novelty.

adult entertainment needs https

Unlike traditional retail, people tend to make adult entertainment product purchases online rather than off. The two main reasons for this are privacy and format.

Adult entertainment products for the most part are digital. Pornographic movies, adult sex games, etc. all can but upload and download via Internet and with the sheer size of the online sex game business and the recent growth behind it secure servers for credit card transactions are more important than ever before.

The best way to make adult sites more secure as with any site: Add HTTPS.

Without secure online marketing the adult entertainment industry (something that seemingly is everlasting online) will collapse as the Internet is it’s primary vessel of doing business. WIRED covered the effects of the lack of security on the porn industry early this month but we spoke with our own SEO consultant on the issue. Why an SEO consultant you ask?

Because even Google has gotten involved…

“An HTTPS server does not just offer a sercurity benefit. According to Google, HTTPS is now a ranking signal that they look at so it is also considered good SEO (search engine optimization) for an adult website to use HTTPS servers,” says Nick Fiorini, an Internet marketer who offers SEO consulting in Rochester New York. Mr. Fiorini has worked for adult entertainment companies in the past as a marketing manager and has provided SEO services for several adult websites (including this one). He believes this is the right decision for Google to protect and promote safer practices for it’s visitors. “This is a smart move on Google’s part to get ecommerce websites to make the switch from HTTP servers to HTTPS ones. What better way to entice these companies than offering ranking benefits on top of the added security?”

HTTPS has some presence in the online porn industry. Cam sites have actually been the first to adapt to the technology and change for a much more secure environment which is quite important when connecting viewers with live erotic performances, both use it, for understandable reasons.

As virtual sex entertainment continues to grow so will business transactions and the very serious risk of financial security and privacy protection failings.

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Oversnatch: Overwatch Video Game Porn Parody

With all the craze from Overwatch fan made porn in the past it was only a matter of time…

Brazzer’s has entered their “porn parody lab” and has come out with this concoction: A live Overwatch porn parody called Oversnatch. If video game characters engaged in sex acts is your thing then this is something you probably would like to check out.

Since it’s still early..

For more information check out Kotaku’s review on Brazzer’s Oversnatch

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New Japanese Sex Simulator Gets Too Much Attention

Japanese game developer M2 was caught showing off a bizarre virtual reality game at Tokyo Game Show 2016.

The game is a sex simulator that combines virtual visuals with real life sensations from touch.

Capacitive sensors on a mannequin dressed up like Isla from Plastic Memories is how this is achieved. The playtesters were then given the chance to have Isla “react” to their touches and the results are pretty amazing. At one point staff had to warn visitors from excessive touching out of fear that damage may incur.

The technology used is called Emote, which translates real life movement into the digital world allowing players to feel like they are actually interacting with the characters within the game.

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Fan Made Mass Effect 3 Sex Scene

Mass Effect is a game series that is well known to RPG fans around the globe.

It caused some controversy when players got their first glimpse of steamy (but classy) sex scenes that were a result of a player successfully starting a relationship between Commander Shepard and another squadmate.

Fast forward to Mass Effect 3 where one of the squadmates that Commander Shepard can romance is Tali, the female alien who wears a hazmat suit to protect against disease.

Needless to say, the sex scene with Tali sucked and one fan aimed to correct that. Above is that video.

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Honey Select: The Latest Japanese VR Sex Game

From Japanese game developer Illusion comes “Honey Select”… honey select virtual reality japanese sex simulator game

…which is pretty much another J-sex simulator that incorporates VR technology…

or is it?

At first glance, there is nothing new save for a seemingly more complex menu system than the typical run-of-the-mill Japanese virtual sex bot customizer.

Online video game publication, Destructoid, features a full article with review of Honey Select.

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Sasha Grey Isn’t A Fan Of Virtual Porn

“VR porn is too much, too in your face.” former porn star not a fan of virtual porn

You wouldn’t think a former porn star who is currently using virtual reality technology to promote her tour would utter those words but when asked in a CNBC interview about VR porn that is how Sasha Grey responded.

Recently, Grey filmed her DJ tour of North and South America using the Samsung Gear 360 VR camera. However, she doesn’t believe VR is a game changer for the adult film industry.

Full story from CNBC.

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PC Sex Mod Spotlight: The Sims 4

sex simulator mod for sims

PC sex mods have made waves in gaming news media in the past. GTA San Andreas is a perfect example. Although, not a true mod because it was code that the developers left in the game to be discovered later but not part of the original game either unless the player had modding knowledge/programming knowledge.

Nothing has come close in the world of PC sex mod fame that Skyrim’s sex mod community…until now.

The 4th installment of the award winning game series Sims 4 has undergone the “sex mod treatment” from the devilishly clever pc sex sim mod community and has created some hot, steamy sims sex action.

Normally, ‘woohooing’ in The Sims 4 is pretty tame…that is, unless you download some of the latest mods. Released a couple of months ago and further updated this week, WickedWoohoo is a mod that allows players to act out a number of new sex-related acts within The Sims 4.

sims 4 sex mod offers an array of sex positions for the game

The following is the complete list of what is possible to do with the WickedWhoohoo sex sim mod for The Sims 4:


  • Starting sex interactions with one or two sims (Teasing, Handjob, Foot job, Oral job, Vaginal, Anal)
  • Inviting any amount of sims to the sex interaction (group sex)
  • Changing sex type and position at any point
  • Swaping sims in the sex interaction at any point
  • Making sims go away from watching sex of your sims
  • Undressing sims in the sex interaction (top/bottom/shoes)
  • Blocking of objects used for sex to avoid other sims using them

  • Settings

  • Ability to change sex interaction progression: category progression (random animations), stage progression, disabled
  • Ability to disable gender restrictions and use any animation for any gender
  • Ability to enable ‘Always Accept’ setting which makes every sim accept every sex proposition
  • Ability to enable/disable selected animations
  • Ability to change sex initiation and make sims instantly teleport to the sex location (requires Always Accept setting to be enabled)
  • Ability to disable taking off shoes when in sex interaction
  • Ability to enable auto full outfit undressing when in sex interaction
  • Ability to disable undressing when in sex interaction

  • Customization of sex positions (for animators)

  • Modify sex position duration and genders
  • Specify locations of sex position (any objects/category of objects/floor)
  • Specify locations that are excluded from the sex position if category of objects includes it
  • Set which cloting should be removed for sex position
  • Set to force undressing of shoes
  • Create stages of sex positions to play them one by one
  • Define preferred gender of an actor if actor can be both genders
  • Apply custom height and facing angle offset to location of sex position

  • Exhibitionism

  • Undressing top and/or bottom outfit parts
  • Undressing top and/or bottom underwear parts
  • Flashing naked body parts
  • Auto-applying penis mesh cas part for males when naked
  • Auto-undressing pants when using a toilet
  • Modification of privacy system to avoid uncomfortable situations when naked with high exhibitionism level
  • Male sims get erect when seeing other naked sims of preferred gender
  • Autonomy for exhibitionism actions depending on the level

  • Exhibitionism Skill

  • Gain more confidence with every level and unlock more possibilities
  • Sim mood and traits affect how quick you progress
  • Higher levels of skill will not make you embarrassed and shoo other sims when taking shower, using toilet or just being nude
  • Improve your skill using additional special interactions (admire yourself in mirrors)

  • Story Progression

  • Sims learn exhibitionism skill over time
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