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Sex GIF Week – Day 2 – MILF Sex GIFs

I am still getting questions about those weird artsy sex GIFs from last month and AS SOON A I GET MY HANDS ON MORE I WILL POST THEM UP HERE OK??? πŸ™‚Β  (trust me I am not holding back ;)) … Continue reading

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Sex GIF Week – Day 1 – Animated Sex GIFs From Virtual Girl

Animated sex GIFs are popular online and even has got indie artists creating very artistic renditions of sexy scenes in the form of said GIFs. That’s why “Sex GIF Week” begins today and Virtual Girl (VirtuaGirlHD) will be starting it … Continue reading

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Alternative Sex GIF Art

Back in November 2012 showcased a few examples of the fast growing trend of GIF sex. Short looped clips of hot girls engaged in sex acts. GIF sex is still popular and continues to get bigger with a small … Continue reading

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Welcome To! (Formerly

This past week has been hectic with all the changes. For starters, is now officially but the same great sex tech content will remain and more adult news, games and all around happenings in the high-tech world of … Continue reading

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GIF Sex Art

If you are familiar with computer files at all you probably are familiar with what a GIF file is. If not, I’ll give you a crash course. GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format” and is essentially an animated picture in … Continue reading

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Japanese Sex Robot Animated Gif

Not much to report this week in the hi-tech sphere of sex. However, I did come across this cool Japanese sex robot animated gif that’s posted above. It’s from the visual novel “Paragon Sexa Doll” (パラゴンセクァドール Doll) that was a … Continue reading

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