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20 Famous Porn Star GIFs

Haven’t added a sex GIF entry in awhile so here are 20 famous porn star GIFs in no particular order…

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The Witcher 3: Nude Pics

The Witcher 3 was recently released and has been praised high and low by a multitude of video game critics. Graphically, it is a work of art with some of the realest CGI rendering ever seen in a game. Things … Continue reading

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Classic, Retro And Vintage Sex GIFs

More sex GIF mania! This time we are hopping in the “GIF time machine” (it’s patented so don’t try to steal the idea ;)) and going back in time to some golden age sex GIFs 😀

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Sex GIFs From Japan

Up until now a lot of different sex GIFs have been posted up here and it all started with the VirtuaGirlHD sex GIF post that launched sex GIF week. Since then I have tried to find specialized sex GIFs that … Continue reading

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Sexy Stripper GIFs

Here comes another Sexy GIF entry! This time the focus is strippers. I love strippers. Some of those women really do have perfect 10 bodies…*sigh*…:) Ok, enough day dreaming…Here are 9 sexy stripper GIFs for your viewing pleasure:

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20 Sexy Boob GIFs Presented By is a site that features a lot of geek news and reviews on the traditional geek stuff like comic books, movies, video games, toys, and cosplay. Now, I like video games but unless “toys” implies sex toys then video … Continue reading

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Virtual Sex? Sex Simulators? – Sex Tech Terms Explained

“Sex tech” is a fairly new term that combines sex and technology so that sexual expression can be “emphasized” one way or another with the application of new functioning technology. Examples of sex tech: A science fiction sex story about … Continue reading

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Sex GIF Week – Day 5 – Black And White Sex GIFs

Black and white sex GIFs standout. It’s that strong contrast mixed with erotica and sex that makes them so eye-catching. They are my favorite kind of sex GIF so I am dedicating the last day of Sex GIF Week to … Continue reading

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Sex GIF Week – Day 4 – Funny Sex GIFs

“Funny sex GIFs?” you may ask… Yes, hot girls in sexy situations can be funny too. Funny sex GIFs are a later trend of the whole sex GIF craze. Obviously, not as enticing as their “older sisters” but visually stimulating … Continue reading

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Sex GIF Week – Day 3 – Animation Sex GIFs

Yes, it’s day 3 of Sex GIF Week and now it’s your favorite cartoon character’s time to shine… Animation Sex GIFs are especially eye-catching with all the bright colors and what not. Just look at the Japanese Sex Robot Animated … Continue reading

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