HP Lovecraft BDSM Sex Game Is In The Works

HP Lovecraft Sex Game Based On The Cthulu Universe

Steam Greenlight is now offline and is not accepting any new game submissions but that doesn’t mean a few games have snuck through and are currently on their way to being developed. One game in particular, Lust for Darkness, has been garnishing a bit more attention over the others.

LFD (Lust for Darkness) takes place in the HP Lovecraft Cthulu universe and this becomes evidently clear from the few screen shots that are online. It’s dark, ambient environment is right up there with games like Amnesia and Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of The Earth.

At first glance it appears to be “just another lovecraftian game” but LFD is different in one very distinct aspect: It’s a BDSM sex game.

Macabre Sexual Imagery Is Prevalent In The Game

Macabre Sexual Imagery Is Prevalent In The Game

Yes, this is an adult game with plenty of kinky sex and horrofic gore and it has taken on a whole new perspective on the world of Cthulu. Lovecraft fans may just get a kick out of a game that combines horror and sex but any game that mainlines sex as the main attraction always has one big obstacle to get around: Gameplay.

It is not clear how LFD’s game mechanics will work but one thing is certain: the graphics are very well done, setting the mood perfectly for a point-and-click mystery.

It may just take a horror-based BDSM game to revive a tired, old genre in PC gaming.

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