Graphics: Half The Battle For “Real” Sex Games

Realism in any game is based around a few key core aspects.

Visual presentation is one of them.
Next Gen Skin Texturing And 3D Modeling For Adult Game Characters2
Today’s computers can create digital works of art that can be hard to distinguish from their real life counterparts but they are still not perfect.

Adult gaming has this crux to bear more than any other.

With teledildonics already reaching unprecedented levels in the form of full body vr sex suits, visual presentation still needs improvement.

Company’s like Nvidia with their Pascal GPU will offer 10x the performance of Titan X, 8-way SLI. In other words, the transition curve from current gen graphics card tech to next gen is steep as hell.

Photorealistic Graphics Are Already Here So Realistic Sex Games Are Inevitable

For now, the best graphics technology is being used in mainstream gaming titles. That does not mean that adult gaming companies are prepping for the next big visual upgrade but the general public tends to see this technology in mainstream products first even though the adult entertainment industry is a huge innovator of tech especially in the graphics department.

Virtual sex simulators are the primary target for next gen adult gaming graphics where visual realism is one of the most important aspects.

Expect to see a very fast surge in technology on a graphics level in the next 5-10 years with the rapid popularity increase in the adult gaming market.

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