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Kimochi Red Is The Worlds First Kickstarter For Adult Games

Kimochi Red is the name and it’s like Kickstarter except that it’s for adult games that feature plenty of simulated nudity and sex.

The adult gaming crowdfunder has recently gone live and already has a plethora of crowdfunding adult only projects on the table.

Kimochi Red Light was created from the same people behind Nutaku, a gaming portal for 18+ games and visual novels. Nutaku proclaims Kimochi to be the first of its kind.

Several adult gaming projects are on the table already and most of them seem to have a hentai theme to them. Of course, Kimochi Red has only been live less than 2 months so who knows what adult game projects waiting to be funded in the future will show.

For now, Kimochi Red is a clear indication that adult gaming is becoming increasingly popular.

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