1,000 Webcam Girls Will Be Getting Free VR Cameras

CEO of virtual reality company Terpon, Jean-Claude Artonne, promised to hand out 1,000 free VR cameras to webcam girls. The virtual reality company is hoping to use their own technology to capitalise on the rise of VR Porn by equipping the cammers in a bold marketing move. VR Company Has A Plan To Combine Camming With VR Porn

Mr Artonne said: “We want our customers to have the most up-to-date technology at their disposal, so their fans can experience them in the highest quality. Reasonably, I can tell you each performer will be able to change his/her cameras every four to six months during the first year and nine to 12 months thereafter. Considering how often people buy their own cameras, typically one every couple of years, our offer is the most logical and best-priced.”

Cam girl ‘Housewife Swag’: “With VR quickly becoming the latest trend, and sex toys becoming more virtual, it’s a logical step forward. I feel like it will create an additional element, but I don’t think it will change much. At least not until much later when VR is readily available to everyone at an affordable price.”

The VR porn industry is predicted to come close to $200 billion in profits by 2020.

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