The New Look Of Sex Tech

Virtual Reality Sex Tech Is Looking Scary

The latest advances in virtual reality sex tech may invite people to try the technology, bringing people closer to realism but that doesn’t mean the devices LOOK inviting.
The VR Bangers POV Head Rig is another piece of virtual sex hardware that has been released recently.

It sports some impressive tech:

    Stereoscopic cameras for eyes

    Binaural sound microphones

    Multiple cameras across its surface to achieve 4K resolution

In order to make VR porn as immersive as it hopes to be, actors must interact with the equipment as though it were another person. This means getting up close and personal with a camera or a microphone.

With the POV Head Rig, the team at VR Bangers suggests virtual reality porn will be able to move past these awkward limitations to create ‘extraordinary’ content.

“The rig was built especially for adult VR scenes because we noticed that there is a much warmer and more intimate emotional attachment between the performer and the recording device if the device itself is able to be kissed, caressed, and whispered to in the same sort of ways that a real person would sense those subtle communications,” said CTO Boris Smirnoff.

Alongside VR Bangers comes CamSoda with something different in the world of virtual sex…

CamSoda has created a gas mask designed to enhance its online sex shows by allowing users to smell scents chosen by the performers. Upon purchasing the aptly named “OhRoma” technology, users will get the mask as well two canisters that fit into it. With the help of an app, the mask pairs with Bluetooth on a user’s smartphone.

Users can then watch a cam performer in virtual reality and experience the odors they’ve chosen from their own personal “scent profile.” That can include everything from perfume odors to ocean smells to body odor and even the scent of sex organs.

CamSoda president Daron Lundeen believes odor-oriented porn is the next step to making virtual reality more real than ever.

“We’re trying to touch on every possible way to make VR more than just visual,” Lundeen told HuffPost.

Virtual Sex Work

Currently, a successful cam model can make between $75 to $100 for a 30-minute show, according to the company. Lundeen predicts using the “OhRoma” technology could add an additional 25 percent to those earnings. Florida-based cam performer Victoria Ryan thinks “nose porn” is an idea whose time has come.

“There are a lot of guys who watch my shows who tell me, ‘God, I wish I could smell you,’” she told HuffPost.

Porn Smells Soon Coming To Virtual Porn

“And some will drop $50 just to buy my panties.”

One thing is clear…

This technology will be HUGE in Japan 🙂

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