ThriXXX Releases “Escort Mode” For Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D Now Features An Escort Mode For Virtual Sex Workers To Make Money

“Escort Mode” for Chathouse 3D is now available. This new game mode makes it possible for users to earn money while playing Chathouse 3D and still enjoy the security and privacy the game offers.

The Escort Mode is interesting for both, professional and amateur models as they have no schedules to meet or quantities to fulfill. Basically their is no “qouta” they have to meet so can work and play 100% on their own time.

Any user interested can create a account or use an existing one and register as an escort. After a short security check (to make sure they are of legal age) they will be able to start earning money by playing with others in Chathouse 3D. For every escort session they will play with others they will get paid per minute (the more they play the more they will earn). Also, detailed statistics are available to check their earnings and sessions.

Appointments can be made with an escort who will try to fulfill fetishes or specials.

Normal users can rate escorts on their profile page in the new escort widget. If you are an active Escort, you will get a private message with detailed instructions.

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