Phantasy Star Online Nude Mod

Phantasy Star Online. Three words synonomous with “Great Japanese MMORPG.”

With most other popular games comes the adult modding…

Now that private servers are available to play PSO the plethora of skilled hackers, crackers, and modders comes some wild times with gear and clothing ( or lack thereof in this case).

Although the modder has since been banned from Phantasy Star Online Ultima server screenshots were still managed to be salvaged of the infamous nude mod:

pso nude mod 1

pso nude mod 2

pso nude mod 3

Either way, I’m sure there are plenty of 30 and 40 year old gamers out there that wouldn’t mine having some PSO nostalgic fun. Ultima is currently the most popular private server at the moment so sign up and have fun completely free of charge 🙂

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