Virtual Porn In Japan Is Now Easily Accessible

virtual reality porn in japan is getting very popular

For 3,150 yen ($26.90) a person can spend all day in a Japanese “comic cafe” in Akihabara that includes a virtual porn entertainment setup via PC complete with VR headset. Just want to spend an hour there? It’s 550 yen (US$4.70).

Japanese adult entertainment company Soft Demand is offering virtual porn at a newly opened location in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

These comic cafes (漫画喫茶店) that double as local rent rooms are quite common in Japan. Named after the fact that you can drink coffee, tea, and soda while reading comics, but in reality you can do much more at these kinds of places. Playing games, watching porn, and watching TV are just a few of the things these “pseudo motels” are offering.

The Soft Demand VR experience promises “a new enjoyment” not previously experienced in comic cafe’s.

If anything this is another story that backs up Pornhub’s data analysis of the popularity of virtual porn.

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