How Popular is Virtual Porn?

current state of virtual porn

The short answer: Very.

The long answer is virtual reality has gained global attention but from a country-by-country analysis things get interesting quickly.

Pornhub, one of the leading adult entertainment sites, published annual insights on consumer’s behavior with regards to virtual porn in the form of a couple of infographs. According Pornhub, VR porn is gaining a lot popularity…outside the United States. In the US virtual porn is lagging behind the traditional two-dimensional porn format that has existed since moving pictures first came about.

Asia in particular seems to be embracing virtual porn more than anywhere else in the world. China tops the list with its highest amount of virtual porn related searches online followed by Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Norway, Finland, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt and Chile.

From PornHub directly:

“We also found that when compared to other age groups the VR category is most popular among 25 to 34 year olds and interestingly enough it seems that this trend is not only true among Pornhub users.”

Virtual reality porn searches increased by 440 percent in 2016.

TechCrunch predicts that WebVR, experimental JavaScript API that provides access to Virtual Reality devices, will make virtual porn popular at a mainstream level. As WebVR is further adopted as a standard, it’s going to be a lot simpler to find high-quality virtual porn.

Here are Pornhub’s infographs on virtual porn:

virtual porn infograph

virtual porn by country

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