Will Online Sex Games Eliminate Real Sex In The Future?

telling the difference between real women and cgi women is becoming increasingly harder to do

It’s getting harder to distinguish between a real woman (right) and a CGI woman (left) in an online sex game

It’s an interesting thought but when looking at the rate of technological advancement in gaming in general, it is almost scary how in the matter of 2 or 3 decades how fast technology has improved to the point that deciphering between real and fake has become quite difficult in some cases.

Now, most adult gaming CGI, although impressive, can be easily spotted as just that…CGI. The alternative erotic art site CAXXXERO.com covered the rise of CGI Porn a couple of years ago with the secondary effects being a reduction in 2D adult art work emerging from independent erotic artists.

The theory follows that when a person can not distinguish between a real person (on screen) and a computer generated person then “true VR simulation” has been achieved. Of course, this only affects a couple of the 5 senses that humans use: Seeing and Hearing. Taste, Touch, and Smell still can’t be replicated perfectly by technology.

The other big draw is the Internet. Online sex games are the platform many use to act out their sexual desires in a law abiding way from the safety and security of their own home. These online sex games power the VR sex simulation movement where people even today are choosing virtual porn over the real thing. Sex game apps that allow for virtual dating with A.I. sex chat bots have replaced a lot of social media interaction with real people.

Between the connection between people the Internet provides and the lack of real human contact virtual reality provides it is easy to see that real sex could, infact, be replaced by online sex games and the sex that goes along with them.

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