HTTPS and The “Virtual Future” of Adult Entertainment Online

The days of adult book stores and novelty shops are just that. A novelty.

adult entertainment needs https

Unlike traditional retail, people tend to make adult entertainment product purchases online rather than off. The two main reasons for this are privacy and format.

Adult entertainment products for the most part are digital. Pornographic movies, adult sex games, etc. all can but upload and download via Internet and with the sheer size of the online sex game business and the recent growth behind it secure servers for credit card transactions are more important than ever before.

The best way to make adult sites more secure as with any site: Add HTTPS.

Without secure online marketing the adult entertainment industry (something that seemingly is everlasting online) will collapse as the Internet is it’s primary vessel of doing business. WIRED covered the effects of the lack of security on the porn industry early this month but we spoke with our own SEO consultant on the issue. Why an SEO consultant you ask?

Because even Google has gotten involved…

“An HTTPS server does not just offer a sercurity benefit. According to Google, HTTPS is now a ranking signal that they look at so it is also considered good SEO (search engine optimization) for an adult website to use HTTPS servers,” says Nick Fiorini, an Internet marketer who offers SEO consulting in Rochester New York. Mr. Fiorini has worked for adult entertainment companies in the past as a marketing manager and has provided SEO services for several adult websites (including this one). He believes this is the right decision for Google to protect and promote safer practices for it’s visitors. “This is a smart move on Google’s part to get ecommerce websites to make the switch from HTTP servers to HTTPS ones. What better way to entice these companies than offering ranking benefits on top of the added security?”

HTTPS has some presence in the online porn industry. Cam sites have actually been the first to adapt to the technology and change for a much more secure environment which is quite important when connecting viewers with live erotic performances, both use it, for understandable reasons.

As virtual sex entertainment continues to grow so will business transactions and the very serious risk of financial security and privacy protection failings.

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