Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Groping Simulator

CGI Nudity In Mainstream Video Games

Dead or ALive Xtreme 3 came out earlier this year in Japan and the rest of Asia and features some great graphics and animations. The biggest feature that is making wave in North America (and probably is an obstacle for the game being brought here) is the “groping simulator” feature that has been added.

Essential the player can utilize a piece of flying tech to use as a surrogate for groping various game characters from the series. Although beach volleyball has always been a centralized theme for the series this new addition has made DOA Xtreme 3 a groping simulator to many people.

Some people has gone so far as to call DOA Xtreme 3 a sex game which seems a little extreme as sex games typically feature sex and DOA Xtreme 3 does not. Either way, the new groping feature has put the spotlight on the DOA series for the same reasons the spotlight was originally on the game when it debuted on Xbox back in 2003.

To see DOA Xtreme 3’s groping feature in action check the video below:

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