2016 Sex Simulator Guide

Sex Simulator Guide

The following is a brief overview of all major sex simulators that are currently available in 2016 (SexWork101.com does not endorse any of these products):

Virtual Sex Simulators

A Screenshot Of A Popular Virtual Sex Simulator

A loose term but in the purest sense virtual sex simulators are computer engine based simulators existing only in a virtual world.  The combination of virtual sex simulators and teledildonics has created some direction for the tech side of adult entertainment but still developing quickly.  Virtual sex simulators are often mistakenly called virtual sex games because although the two can share similar characteristics,  the two are different in terms of user experience.  True virtual sex simulators often don’t have any “game” element to them meaning skill or luck is isn’t a determine factor in the outcome of the session.  SexWork101.com features a page dedicated to virtual sex games and many of them share the properties of virtual sex simulators.

Sex RobotsSex Robot Made In The Likeness Of Popular Japanese Actress

A sex robot can simulate sex with another person or sex robot classifying it as yet another type of sex simulator.  Out of all the sex simulators available today sex robots are by far the most expensive.  With the materials and knowledge going into building one it’s no wonder.  Currently Roxxxy is the most well known sex robot that exists.  Douglas Hines, chief executive of Roxxxy manufacturer True Companion, disclosed that ahead of the official launch, pre-orders for the $7,000 sex robot is in the thousands.  Over the last few years several independant companies have created their own sex robots with many of them originating in Japan.


A picture of real touch online sex connection teledildonic device

Think of a dildo connected to the internet.  This is teledildonics.  The simulated feeling is real but the practice is still clunky and at significantly more cost than anything online only.  Teledildonics has a long way to go.   In 2016 the Real Touch sex device uses a USB connection to connect online and is the most popular teledildonic currently.  Lovepalz debuted 3 years ago and it has achieved some online visability.  It is considered a viable option for couples who want to try out teledildonics.

Sex Toys (offline)

Sex Toy Wall

Sex toys fall into a grey area because in some ways they can’t simulate sex unless assisted by the person making them not true sex simulators.  However, sex tech has created a wide variety of sex toys that are automated and now many are considered sex simulators.  China’s sex toy boom is a testament to how popular sex toys have become over the last 5 years.  Sex toys can be cheap or quite expensive and are available to buy easily in most countries.

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