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Nice Ass Nude Mod For WOW

Legion will be released at the end of August and that means it won’t be long until the new batch of WOW nude patches gets released for the game’s newest expansion. The demon hunter class introduces a new adventure awaiting to happen in the expansion. The classes are pretty much the blood elves and the night elves with demonic features such as horns.

Big Boob Night Elf Game Character Nude, the leading source for WOW nude patches, hasn’t slowed down with WOW nude mods being released lately so there you can expect to find the latest patch that will allow you to play Legion with nude demon hunters.

WOW Nudity Mod

With the recent crackdown on the “overwatch porn movement” it will be interesting to see if Blizzard will apply the same energy in preventing so much pornographic fan content based on their game universes.

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