‘VR porn’ Queries On Google Almost Up 10,000% Since 2014

VR Porn Is On The Rise

VR Porn is essentially the new porn. Porn is boring. It’s old. It’s more of a parody of itself now more than anything. This, coupled with VR technology, makes VR porn the new porn.
according to Google Trends data, the growth of VR porn searches is at 9,900% within the last 2 years.

Analysts at research firm SuperData predict that virtual reality could turn into a $40 billion business by 2020. With numbers like these, the “fallout” into other sub-industries (ie, virtual reality porn, virtual porn games, etc.) could continue to grow them.

360° Video Porn: The Beginning

With VR headset technology, the 360° View adds vast amounts of realism. It is the new porn. As VR headsets become more and more mainstream, cost will also go down. A VR headset for entertainment is a tad bit of a luxury right now but, with “ultra-economy” headset’s available (Google Cardboard) there is a significant rise in the use of VR tech.

360° Virtual MMO Sex Game: The Next Stage

Immersiveness on a social and interactive level is growing at a fast rate. MMO sex games that can be played online continue to grow in popularity. The virtual sex experience complete with social interaction has come a long way since the days of softcore porn typing adventures and pixelated sex romps. The tech used in VR porn will power this movement as well.

360° Virtual Sex Life: The Final Stage?

Will there be a time when people give up IRL dating all together? Between sex robots and VR sex simulations, there probably will be.

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