Sex In The Digital World: From Games To Art

Sex In The Digital World

Digital sex has become big business with the introduction of the Internet. The net has become a vast library of digitized porn. The line that is drawn between porn and art has been skewed for some time but erotic art has earned it’s rightful place online with entire sites dedicated to erotic art and the artists behind the work.


Part of this erotic art presence if fueled by gaming. Virtual sex games have exploded in the last 5-6 years with more virtual sex game content online than ever before. Behind these games are a host of talented programmers, designers, and, of course, artists.

Creating Digital Art Online

Erotic gaming art has become quite popular online with the most recent notable example being the overwatch porn “movement” that has left the net’s top porn sites riddled with tons and tons of fan produced “video game porn.” Nevertheless, Artistic skill is required for the creation of these “sex works” so credit should be given where credit is due. Sites like and exemplify this.


“sex art” is a dubious term. The meeting point where art and porn touch is debatable.

It may be human nature to create the erotic and sex charged version of any medium that shares artistic qualities or one can chalk it up to the fact that sex is simply one of the most popular forms of enteratainment. Even comic books, which many considered a youth’s innocent form of entertainment, have had an “adult eye” reshape what society thought of comic books which eventually led to the underground comic (or “comix”) movement. Underground comic databases are numerous on the net, illustrating the impact the effect digitizing has had on this artform.

Graphic sex became a centerpiece in underground comics and the internet is the perfect technology to preserve these adult-themed comics. Comix blog databases are plentiful online, preserving and showcasing some of the raunchiest, filthy adult comic books to ever come in to existence. Without the internet these comics may have been lost forever along with the source of the talent such as underground comics artists like R. Crumb.

comix blog database


First, there is porn. Loads and loads of porn. The digital age (where anything can become digitized) has been good to the porn industry. If it exists on a video or picture format of some kind, it can exist on the internet.

Second, virtual reality continues to advance. Adequate VR headsets with computers powerful enough to run VR sex software is considered the first generation of true virtual reality as it is applied to adult entertainment.

With all the digitizing of sex that is uploaded to the net some researchers have stated that birth rates will eventually drop worldwide as less people engage with sex with eachother and more with digital avatars. If virtual sex continues to evolve (which it most likely will) there won’t be a need for real life sex partners anymore.

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