PornHub’s Virtual Reality Sex Channel: Full Review

PornHub's Virtual Reality Sex Channel Features Many VR Scenarios That Are To Be Viewed With Accompying VR Headsets For The Full Effect

Earlier this year the world’s biggest adult site teamed up with BaDoink to offer free 360-degree VR porn. The channel uses both iOS and Android setups and a couple different headsets. The main “selling points” for virtual reality porn appears to be 2 things currently:

Pornhub does say that the new channel will have lots of full 360-degree content, creating a truly immersive sexual experience. 360-degree content is part of the “magic formula” that helps create the illusion of the user actually being present in a virtual environment. Content that is not filme in 360 degrees loses the “virtual” feel rather quickly.

The other big “selling point” is that the content isn’t being sold at all…for now. PornHub’s VR sex channel is free, like the vast majority of PornHub’s content.

The resolution on the demo vid was blurry and the perspective is a bit “off,” proving that VR sex tech isn’t exactly smoothed out yet as it still feels like the user is waching a video at times rather than feeling like they are actually present in a virtual sex environment.

PornHub is going for versatility with experience working in the browsers, on Android and iOS operating systems. Eventually, PornHub plans on having their VR sex channel be fully functional with the Oculus Rift.

Overall, PornHub has done a pretty decent job with their VR porn channel but still have some kinks to work out in the form of device compatibility and video quality.

Is Virtual Reality Porn going to replace traditional “video porn?” If mega-porn companies keep going in the direction they are the answer is YES.

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