BangFit: PornHub’s Sex Game Will Get You In Shape

BangFit might be PornHub’s finest creation yet. BangFit is a sex game that has a very specific goal (and it’s not to get you off).

BangFit’s purpose is to get people in shape. However, it is not with conventional excersising. This game’s excersise is based around sex acts. It’s aimed at individuals and couples who just don’t have the time to hit the gym so a series of excersises have been created around vey specific sex acts that work various parts of a person’s body, thus helping them lose weight in the process.

PornHub swears by the game insisting that, as a sex game, it’s mildy amusing, but, as an excersise app, it is highly effective.

“BangFit syncs avatars straight from the 1980s and very NSFW pornography footage between users’ computers and mobiles using a given code, with points being awarded for how close people can replicate the ‘sexercises’ shown on their screens.” -PornHub

Although still in beta, PornHub promises that BangFit will be eventually fit for the general public who want to get in shape.

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