Fan Made Overwatch Porn: Blizzard Is Not A Fan

Tracer Showing Off Her Nice Tits

As soon as some form of entertainment media gets insanely popular rule 34 get “invoked” by someone somewhere. Rule 34 states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject.

Overwatch is no different and, because of it’s popularity among MMO gamers, has exploded in the form of various fan made porn videos, pictures, and stories. Now, in all fairness, this has happened before many times with many games but what is interesting in the case of Overwatch is how FAST it has happened.

During the beta (a “testing” phase before the game is available to everyone) searches for the term “Overwatch porn” rose 800%, according to a release from Pornhub, with Tracer being the most searched character. “Porn-izing” characters from games has been happening for a long time now so, although this is nothing new, the backlash, however, most certainly is.

Doggystyle Tracer Sex

Blizzard has made it quite clear they DON’T want this kind of publicity for their game.

The “salt in the wound” in this situation is the fact that a lot of this porn being made is made in in Valve’s Source Filmmaker kit. The porn creators are ripping the assets straight out of a game, essentially creating porn out of “stolen” character models. Blizzard is not taking this lying down, however (like their Overwatch characters are :D).

Irdeto, a digital platform security company, was hired by Blizzard to go after the porn creators with copyright notices left and right, making several porn sites take down the content.

Of course, the popularity of the subject combined with the Internet makes it quite difficult for a company to always get what they want. Porn isn’t going away any time soon and neither is video game character porn.

Here are some of the more popular Overwatch porn videos floating around the net (courtesy of pornhub):

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