Tap That: The Sex-Ed Virtual Sex Game

Sex Ed Game That Helps People Learn About And Prevent STIs

Peiying Feng is 25-year-old design and technology student that has developed a pretty interesting app. The app ‘Tap That’ was developed for the purpose of teaching young people about safe sex in a way that’s deliverd in the form of a virtual sex (or dating) game. The app features a variety of characters manuevering multiple sexual relationships while trying their best to dodge sexually-transmitted infections STIs.

One infected with a STI, the players character has to use on-screen cues along with various information to diagnose and treat said the STI. From there, you can also use virtual condoms to prevent the infection from spreading to other characters.

“I don’t even want teen players to think about the fact that it’s educational, unless it’s an excuse for your parents to let you play more games,” Feng said.

It’s always an added benefit if a virtual sex or dating game can be educational and can actually help people live healthier, happy lives.

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