2016 Guide To Online Sex Games

Playing a sex game online in a virtual space will require the right hardware

When it comes to playing a sex game online different players look at different aspects of the game to see if it’s worth their time and in some cases money.

Lot’s of talk about VR technology has opened up new channels in the adult gaming community. However, cost is not low. The setup needed for the Oculus rift alone will run someone $1500 easily:

Oculus Rift

⦁ Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or better.
⦁ CPU: Intel Core i5 4590 or greater.
⦁ RAM: 8GB or more.
⦁ Video port: HDMI 1.3.
⦁ USB port: 2 USB 3.0 ports.
⦁ Windows 7 SP1 or newer.

So, without the VR edge, the cost of adult gaming drops dramatically but socializing and experiencing fantastic erotic worlds online is still possible through adult MMOs. 3D Sex Villa 2 is still the leading adult MMO currently but if cost is a problem then sex games online are plentiful.

Many free virtual sex games have been developed in flash and can be played on most web browsers.

Virtual Sex Games Playing In Cyber Space Makes Sex Games Online Better


Gameplay is the ultimate crux in porn games, adult games, and any other game that’s main objective is sex in some, shape, way or form. In short, a single player sex game has to be cutting edge or it’s tossed to the side like garbage. Adding unique gameplay to sex games have always been a challenge to developers.

Virtual Sex Fantasy MMO


Playing a sex game online is best done through a Sex MMO. The interaction with other real life players’ avatars will add another layer of playability and depth that first person sex games lack. In other words, first person sex games are going to get boring real fast. Another adventure of sex games in the MMO flavor is that content is update regularly. Expansion packs for single player sex adventure games rarely get released.

Online Sex Games Can Get Quite In Depth With Add On Peripherals


Finally we come to virtual sex games that use peripherals and that is usually where cost begins to skyrocket. The Oculus Rift alone requires expensive hardware. Then there is the cost of the Rift itself: $599.

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