Sex Games For PC: Tech Spec Requirements

High End CGI Porn Graphics

A Powerful Graphics Card Isn’t Worth Much Without The Right CPU Backing It Up

If you want a realistic PC sex game then you need a top-level performance machine that can handle graphic-intensive games without a problem. This is where the “realism” truly comes into play when it comes to sex games: Visual performance.

Highly Detailed Rendered Skin For A PC Sex Game

3D Modeling Of CGI Females Requires A Lot Of Power But To Put Them In 1080p Gaming The CPU Requirements Are Quite High

Gaming PCs are usually geared up to be able to run games with realistic graphics mimicking things like skin, hair, and clothing.

one of the most graphically demanding pc sex games

Future.Love.Space.Machine A Visually Stunning PC Sex Game That Requires A Powerful PC

A PC’s power is especially important when it comes to MMO games. Navigating through huge worlds populated by other players such as in the case with ThriXXX’s 3D Sex Villa 2. 3D Sex Villa 2 requires a certain amount of graphically capability as is but being an MMO increases this requirement.

MMO sex games require more power typically than their offline counterparts

With MMO Sex Games Like Venus Rising That Can Be Played In 1080p PC Requirements Only Continue To Go Up

Without the right specs players typically experience low FPS, or frames per second (the rate at which an imaging device displays consecutive images called frame). In other words, a game will run slow because the PC can’t keep up with the graphic output (graphics appearing on screen) required.

advanced computers for advanced sex games

Alienware Specializes In Gaming PCs. Anyone Who Wants To Do Some Modern Sex Gaming Should Consider One.

Then there is Future.Love.Space.Machine which is probably the most visually impressive PC sex game on the market today. The minimum requirements aren’t exactly low end: 2.4GHz Pentium 4, 1.8GHz Dual Core or better 2GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 5800, ATI Radeon 9800Pro, 1GB Video RAM.

high graphics sex game

Advanced PC Sex Games Require Advanced PCs With The Right CPU And Graphics Card

It’s estimated that a suitable machine that will play today’s PC sex games costs $1000 and up with graphics cards alone being around $200. Today’s typical gaming PC contains an i7 CPU and a graphics card on par with a GTX 960 or R9 280X. This is considered mid-range and will work quite nicely with graphically demanding sex games for PCs today.

Mapping And Rending Models Brings Out A Lot Of The Quality Realism In Sex Games

Skin And Hair Texture Is Where A Lot Of The Realism That Requires Higher End PC Hardware Comes From

For those thinking about getting into computer sex gaming make sure you have the right rig setup before you get the game otherwise you may not be getting the full potential from the software.

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