OhMiBod: Sex Tech You Can Wear

biofeedback info used to enhance sex

Wearable Sex Tech Will Make Her Moan

OhMiBod is a company that has changed the sex tech game for ever. Simply put, wearable sex tech is their game and they are the champs at it.

OhMiBod is working on a new app that allows users to control the companies various sex tech devices via smart watch. Using a biofedback functionality, OhMiBod’s smart watch is capable of expanding on the use of it’s Bluetooth-enabled massage toys. User are able to track enjoyment by monitoring a person’s vital signs with wireles capabilities.

The app, which will host biofeedback functionality in the company’s line of Bluetooth-enabled blueMotion massagers, will track a user’s enjoyment through the person’s vital signs while offering better wireless product control, including preset and individually recorded vibration patterns.

These biometric-driven devices will track the exact moment of ecstasy and climax of a user, enabling a user to “zero in” on just what makes them tick. Basically, using biofeedback information a user can enhance his or her partner’s sexual pleasure through information; What does the user’s partner’s body react the best to? What kind of vibrations and movements with various OhMiBod sex toys bring out the most pleasure?

The idea behind OhMiBod’s wearable smart sex tech isn’t really that hard to fathom. After all, every other piece of technology has gone “smart” so why not sex toys?

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