Lucid Dreams V2: FREE Beta Demo

Virtual Sex 2014

Lucid Dreams Is Well On It’s Way To Being Officially Released

Earlier this year Sex Work 101 mentioned Lucid Dreams in an article about the best virtual sex games of 2014.

Recently, A free downloadable demo has gone up on Vieviev’s website. If you want to try out Lucid Dreams Vievev clearly states on there website that a powerful computer is needed:

“On a solid modern gaming system it’s possible to sustain 60fps consistently in VR mode with V-Sync on (recommended) There will be a slight drop in the Entrance Lobby to 40-50fps.”

Next Gen VR Sex

Visually Stunning Is One Way To Describe Vieviev’s Work

Unlike Wicked Paradise (Or “Lost in Wicked Paradise” as it’s called due to the recent rumor that it might be nothing more than vaporware), Lucid Dreams is clearly in motion to be the first real true virtual sex experience in a real 3D environment.

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