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Adult Teletext Pic Before Ad Insert

Teletext is a computer informational system that works via television to transmit data in a unique way.

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Skilled Teletext Artists Had Their Work Cut Out For Them When It Came To 7 Bit Porn

Through pages of text and simple geometric shapes from mosaic blocks, images and information can be transmitted, thus taking the form of a simple media-based telecommunications device.

adult entertainment teletext

Dozens Of Teletext Phone Sex Services Popped Up Virtually Over Night

It wasn’t long before adult entertainment companies like phone sex lines and video porn started popping up in teletexts when teletext first came out in the UK back in the early 1970s.

simple graphic porn

Making Adult Pics In Teletext Was Not Easy

And so, teletext porn was born.

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Teletext Porn Is A Bit Of A Collector’s Item For Adults

Now, being that teletext is 7-bit (7,175 bits per second per used lines) there wasn’t a whole lot to work with as far as graphics go. Images were simple but the idea, for the most part, could be conveyed.

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Teletext Porn Was Used For Adult Advertising When It First Came Out

Teletext is one more way technology has shaped the world of adult entertainment.

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