Yellow Fever? The Top 10 Countries Whose Men Date Asian Women Online

Date Beautiful Asian Women Online

Date Beautiful Asian Women Online

Non-Asian men’s love of Asian women has always existed. That smooth, silky skin. Those seductive almond eyes. The seductive look of the “Asian woman” gives credit to the fact that most people believe that Asian features are somewhat feminine to begin with. Of course, this helps when the person with those features is already a girl hahaha…

Either way, men love Asian women. Perhaps it’s sexist but “yellow fever” is very much real.

Here are the top 10 countries where there has been a significant growth in popularity with seeking out Asian women online for the purpose of either traditional dating or a NSA sex date:

10. United States
9. Canada
8. United Kingdom
7. Australia
6. New Zealand
5. Belgium
4. Denmark
3. Germany
2. Norway
1. Sweden

Thoughts? Looks like a lot of “white countries” to be honest :/ This may as well enforce another stereotype that white men are especially attracted to Asian women and vice-versa.

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