Sim Love With An AI Sex Machine

Roxxxy Is The World's Most State Of The Art Sexbot

Roxxxy Is The World’s Most State Of The Art Sexbot

If there is one thing technology improves upon it’s adult entertainment…and video games. But, with the advent of the internet, we see more and more projects and products popping up related to sexual stimulation.

Now we have “Roxxxy” and the three Xs in her name aren’t typos. at first glance you are probably thinking “Oh…another one of those love dolls or whatever they’re called.” Sorry, but no. Those love dolls are just pure rubber with 0 intelligence or motor skills. Roxxxy, on the other hand, has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) memory chip so she can actually interact with her…uh…”friend” and she can even answer back when you ask her a question. Aside from her AI brain, Roxxxy also has a mechanical heart that pumps and a liquid cooling system to keep her internal temperature from increasing too much and eventually overheating.

Roxxxy - Sitting and Waiting

Roxxxy - Sitting and Waiting

Does she fake it? Well technically she does…pun intended. Roxxxy can actually have an orgasm but we are talking about fake sex here so it is obviously simulated. The real highlight of this lifelike mechanical sex toy is the personality “flavors” you can have installed in her “cyber-brain.” 5 to pick from and each one has a distinct sexual style: shy and frigid, outgoing and wild, mistress of pain and pleasure, barely 18, and experienced and mature.

So if you are lonely and willing…and have about $8,000 to spend, you too can have your very own mechanical sex bot. Just don’t try to fuck her in the shower or you might just electrocute yourself to death.

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