Sexting Games

Sexting Games Are Sexy

Sexting Games Are Sexy

What are sexting games? They are pretty much a fun spin on the text form of virtual sex.

Great for spicing up otherwise boring nights where physical sex is out of reach, here are 3 sexting games that can make anyone a believer in long-distance cyber sex:

Complete The Sentence

This is played by texting incomplete messages to your partner that encourage naughty answers. Sort of like a “Mad Libs” for adults. For example you could text “Using only your feet you______________.” The receiver of the message completes it and sends one back. Game continues normally until both partners climax.


The game about bringing out hidden sex fantasies that your partner may be shy about revealing. It is played similar to 20 questions where the only answers to the questions can be YES or NO. Some strategy is involved as it’s more about “tricking” your partner to reveal something juicy. For example he or she might answer NO to the question “Are you a freak in the sack?” but with some proper probing this can come out in specific details. It’s all about asking the right questions.

Dare It Or Remove It

The game where pics are required making it the best of the three 🙂 Partners take turns sending dares back and forth. If they fail the dare then they must remove a single piece of clothing and send a pic of proof if asked. This game can lead up to a hot session of SMS sex in no time.

Next time you and your partner are at a distance and depressed about it get some SMS cyber sex gaming fun going 😉

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