Legendary Aerosmith Bassist Promotes New Line Of Plush Sex Toys

Tom Hamilton Signature Plush Sex Toys

Tom Hamilton Signature Plush Sex Toys

How does a “plush sex toy” even work. That’s like trying to use a beanie baby as a sex toy but maybe someone figured it out because Aerosmith’s very own Tom Hamilton decided to launch his own line-up of plush sex toys. Honestly, they look more cute than sexy.

What’s Tom’s view on his new sex toy line-up?

“They’re like the equivalent to Beanie Babies, except they’re dirty… I would tell people about it, and they’d be like, ‘Well, when are you going to do it?’ So I found somebody who had the connections to have plush toys made. There was some factory in China that was able to produce about 8,000 of these things,” said Hamilton.

Shaped like cocks and pussies, the plush sex toys are a strange site but proof that man will use every piece of technology on the planet, from the smallest piece of felt to complex computers, to create that special sex toy for that special person 😀

The trend of musicians getting into the sex toy game is nothing new. Earlier this year Swedish heavy metal band Ghost got into the action of making sex toys.

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll baby! Yeah! LOL 😀

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