Flash Sex Simulation Game Features Unique Animation

If you are reading this you would undoubtedly like to learn more. For starters, the game’s real name is “Whitney’s Creampie Tavern” and the original plan for it, to my understanding at least, was for it to be a fully fleshed out sex simulation RPG but for whatever reasons it ended up being just a bare-bones sex simulator built in Flash.

The independent artist behind the game, “Ikugames” (Iku being a play on the Japanese word ‘to cum’ no doubt ;)), has remained relatively quiet on his recent projects and much not is known about any future sex simulations he might be coming out with. More importantly will he stray away from the sex simulator bit and more towards the “game” element that could potential increase the dynamics of his projects?

The animation behind Ikugames’ creation is the real star. usually, sex simulators built in Flash or Java are pretty limited but the style of artwork (Western blended with Eastern) is pulled off nicely. Mixed with great sound-work Ikugames has a real talent for developing mini-sex simulators.

If you want to stay up to date with Ikugames’ works and see what he is up to through livestreams of his various animation tests then click here for his Newgrounds page.

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