The Evolution Of Adult Entertainment: From Crude Pictures To Virtualization

From ancient porn found in 12,000 year old caves to modern virtual sex games and virtual porn found on this very site, the evolution of adult entertainment has been fascinating to explore.

Here are a couple of infographs that clearly illustrate this evolution with a heavy emphasis on technology being a driving force in the whole process:

Porn and Virtual Sex Illustrated Guide

credit for infograph goes to

sex tech shaped by communication and media

credit for infograph goes to

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Porn Stars Discuss Their Favorite Video Games

Thanks to Complex, your favorite porn stars discuss their favorite video games in detail. Female porn stars that play video games is a growing trend with way more female gamers now than ever before.

Not all porn stars are gamers (of course). Cadence Lux explains that she “sucks” at video games so she doesn’t play them. Funny, considering “sucking” is something she does for a living…hahaha….yep, bad joke there. Meanwhile, Stevie Foxx is a Nintendo 64 fan. Dixie Comet prefers newer titles like the recent entries from the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

So it’s pretty clear what a lot of porn stars are doing in-between scenes when they need a break from “work.”

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3DXChat 2.0 Beta Is Out

Online 3D Social Sex Simulator

3DXChat 2.0 is now available in beta form. Part virtual sex simulator, part online social network for adults only, 3DXChat 2.0 has made considerable improvements in all areas. Although, the game is not finished yet and has known bugs, it is being worked on by the developers.

Known bugs currently in-progress of being fixed:

– Lighting is not the final result
– Locations still need to be finalised
– There may be a problem with performance on locations with water
– Oculus disabled
– TV disabled

Here is the complete list of what has been updated in version 2.0:


One of the biggest additions is the Unity 5 update. Graphically, this makes 3DXChat look better than ever before.
– New highly optimized next-gen physical based graphic rendered visuals, which allow you to realize a picture of incredible beauty and add to the game, film quality like effects.
– Additional support for DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 in the future. (The game will still be able to run on older DirectX 9 video adapters, but some visual features won’t be available.)
– Updated more physical based post-effects like Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), Screen Space Real-Time Reflections, Bloom and Depth of Field.
– Presets of color corrections. It will allow you to customize the look of the game as you wish. (For those who may like a more vibrant colorful world or a more cold colored feeling world.)


– Multi-Threaded CPU Rendering.
– A-Sync Texture Upload. Asynchronous loading of Texture Data from the disk drive and enables time-sliced upload to the GPU on the Render-Thread. This reduces load time for texture GPU uploads on the main thread.
– GPU Skinning (Available on DirectX 11/12 mode only)

3DX Chat Sex Chat Network And Virtual Sex Simulator


– Materials and Textures of Locations and Objects will be processed under the Physically Based Rendering technique.
– Change the Time of Day with the Real-Time Global Illumination effect on all outdoor locations. It will allow each player to customize Time Of Day without server synchronization. (Meaning you can have it look how you want it to be without disrupting the other players selections.)
Available Time of Day presets: Day, Night, Dawn, Dusk and Cloudy Weather.
– New realistic water effect.
– Fixed re-spawn of virtual partners and players in apartments.
– New scenic models outside the windows of the apartments.


– Materials and Textures of clothes will use the Physically Based Rendering technique.
– Available RGB color palette for some types of existing clothing that didn’t have it before.

3DX Chat Beta Is Currently Live With A Ton Of New Features


– New user interface of the Character Selection screen. Now you can instantly move to any location.
– New GUI and customization on detailed graphics settings, allowing you to disable and enable visual effects independently to each other. Global presets (Low, Medium, High) are also available.
– New user interface of the Clothes window will allow the take off and put on all of the chosen clothes in one click.
– A new user interface to add virtual partners in apartments.
– Fixed deletion of virtual partners in the apartments.
– Metallic Lips style shine setting (Char Editor)
– Skin shine setting (Char Editor)
– Enable and Disable nameplates (Game Settings)

New game mode

Due to numerous requests of players to add mini-games to 3DXChat we have added to the game a new mini-game mode: A Fighting Game. Where you can punish the mini-games characters abusers in an equal fight.

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2016 Sex Simulator Guide

Sex Simulator Guide

The following is a brief overview of all major sex simulators that are currently available in 2016 ( does not endorse any of these products):

Virtual Sex Simulators

A Screenshot Of A Popular Virtual Sex Simulator

A loose term but in the purest sense virtual sex simulators are computer engine based simulators existing only in a virtual world.  The combination of virtual sex simulators and teledildonics has created some direction for the tech side of adult entertainment but still developing quickly.  Virtual sex simulators are often mistakenly called virtual sex games because although the two can share similar characteristics,  the two are different in terms of user experience.  True virtual sex simulators often don’t have any “game” element to them meaning skill or luck is isn’t a determine factor in the outcome of the session. features a page dedicated to virtual sex games and many of them share the properties of virtual sex simulators.

Sex RobotsSex Robot Made In The Likeness Of Popular Japanese Actress

A sex robot can simulate sex with another person or sex robot classifying it as yet another type of sex simulator.  Out of all the sex simulators available today sex robots are by far the most expensive.  With the materials and knowledge going into building one it’s no wonder.  Currently Roxxxy is the most well known sex robot that exists.  Douglas Hines, chief executive of Roxxxy manufacturer True Companion, disclosed that ahead of the official launch, pre-orders for the $7,000 sex robot is in the thousands.  Over the last few years several independant companies have created their own sex robots with many of them originating in Japan.


A picture of real touch online sex connection teledildonic device

Think of a dildo connected to the internet.  This is teledildonics.  The simulated feeling is real but the practice is still clunky and at significantly more cost than anything online only.  Teledildonics has a long way to go.   In 2016 the Real Touch sex device uses a USB connection to connect online and is the most popular teledildonic currently.  Lovepalz debuted 3 years ago and it has achieved some online visability.  It is considered a viable option for couples who want to try out teledildonics.

Sex Toys (offline)

Sex Toy Wall

Sex toys fall into a grey area because in some ways they can’t simulate sex unless assisted by the person making them not true sex simulators.  However, sex tech has created a wide variety of sex toys that are automated and now many are considered sex simulators.  China’s sex toy boom is a testament to how popular sex toys have become over the last 5 years.  Sex toys can be cheap or quite expensive and are available to buy easily in most countries.

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Console Games For Adults Only

Adult Games For Consoles

Consoles have always been considered the “family gaming unit” meaning when people wanted an adult gaming experience focused on sex then they were going to have to jump on a PC or Mac. A few of them even have surmassed a large cult following that spun off into other projects.

That, however, doesn’t mean that adult gaming doesn’t exist on consoles.

The following is a list of known adult themed titles that have some relative amount of “clout” meaning they are not just some thrown together digital porn for a quick buck. The majority of them come from Japan (probably surprising nobody). Keep in mind this list is not the full list of adult console games that exist, just the most popular ones.


PC Engine

Stream Hearts
Stream Hearts Box Art

Steam Heart’s has the player assume the role of a couple of fighter pilots. I may be simplifying things a bit, but that’s the general idea. The only thing that can cure them is sex. The boss at the end of each level is a robot that becomes a girl that the player can have sex with.

Ultimately, the game is an eroge (エロチックゲーム erochikku gēmu ) that was the first of it’s kind back in Japan where the game was created.


Dragon Knight GamesTurbo Graphix 16 Adult Hentai RPG Game 2

The Dragon Knight games is an Elf studio project. An RPG dungeon crawler typical for its era (similar to that of early Wizardry games). The exploration and combat are shown from the first-person perspective using a 2D engine, combat in the game is turn-based and enemies are encountered randomly (a similar system was also used in the first sequel). With each new floor, the mazes becomes more sophisticated (there is, however, a helpful mini-map with grid coordinates), and enemies are getting stronger. The fights in the first game are difficult and unbalanced. The protagonist can attack, defend, and use spells and items to fight mTurbo Graphix 16 Adult Hentai Gameonsters (up to three at once).  Over the years the game artwork and graphics slightly improved.  However, the traditional hentai/anime artwork was intact throughout the series’ long run.  The DK series has been one of the biggest adult game series followed in Japan since the first one was released in Japan in 1989.



Super Mahjong P II, III, IV, VSuper Mahjong P II, III, IV, V

From NAXAT and SETA comes a long series of Mahjong game featuring anime girls getting undressed. 1993 was the release date for the first of the series. Mahjong is a huge theme for eroge in Japan. Obscure Mahjong arcade games are a “Japanese speciality.” In Japan, there are literally thousands upon thousands of these games scattered all over Japan.



Princess Maker 3 Princess Maker from Gainax

Princess Maker is a series of life simulation bishōjo games by the video game and anime production company Gainax. The first Princess Maker, while popular enough to be translated into Chinese, was never released in the United States. The series has many spinoffs that don’t contain nudity or sex but the original ones do.






Strip Fighter II

strip fighter 2 box art backThe eroge homage to Street Fighter II. Strip fighter is a 1-1 fighting game where players pick nude strippers with signature strip moves that are related to their unique physical attributes. For example, there is a stripper with big tits who uses them as a weapon by smacking the shit out the opponent with them.

Despite the stigmata of adult games generally not living up to their mainstream counterpart,  Strip nude woman 2d fighting gameFighter II was actually a decent ripoff of the Street Fighter Series.  For starters,  the controls and collision detection was on point.  Graphically, it is on par if not better with the 16 bit standard for 2D fighting games.  Lots of girls to choose from and great sound effects.  Because of all of this, Strip Fighter II is probably one of the few adult themed games that can genuinely be called a “good game.”



Hi-Leg Fantasy

Hi-Leg FantasyFrom Game Express comes this spoof adult RPG in the style of Final Fantasy. This game has gained it’s noriety from the Internet and is not from the “golden age of Eroge” which most consider late 80’s to early 2000’s.




Mega Drive

Divine Sealing

Unlicensed from Studio Fazzy comes a scroll-based shooting game. Another Eroge where the goal is to destroy an end boss and in doing so the player is rewarded. The reward? A Divine Sealing Seriescut scene of an anime girl stripping. The girl does not become completely nude however. Panties were still on so this is more of a topless eroge. There are a total of 4 girls the player is able to watch strip naked. As a shooter, this game was not very good. Aside from a few upgrades, the player’s ship was relatively limited in it’s power and what it could do.




Final Romance 1 & 2

Final Romance MahjongTaisen Idol-Mahjong Final Romance 1 uses digitized photos of real models. In the 2nd one, hentai style girls are used . Like the first, you play strip mahjong against the girls.
The game has some customization and upgrade ability in the gameplay. You can use your score to purchase various cheating methods.


Virtual Cameraman Series

The player selects a model, chooses her outfit and takes her picture. Photos receive a rating on the quality. Upon getting a high enough quality score the player is given the Virtual Cameraman adult gameoption of choosing a different outfit for the model to wear in the next photoshoot. Pictures can be saved on the Saturn’s internal memory and viewed later. The game occasionally goes into a Q&A session with one of the models. If the player offends her through dialogue choices she quits and it’s game over. A 3DO version of the game is also available. It is the exact same as the saturn version.

“This CD allows the photographer in all of us to come out as it takes us in search of young Japanese models to photograph and ogle” – game box translation


Gameboy Advance

Mahjong Gal Series

Mahjong Gal SeriesA version of Seta’s long-running mahjong (more specifically, strip mahjong) game, played against young, attractive female players. Part 6 is set in a summertime villa home and features three female players — Natsuki Asahina, Yurina Asahina, and Serika Randou, plus the maid Etsuko Toyohara as a bonus character — to interact with sexually.

The game has a small underground cult following in Japan.



Bubble Bath Babes bubble bath babes

Developed by C&E comes this “porno-puzzle game.” The game was not licensed by Nintendo. One of three pornographic themed games released by Panesian, along with Hot Slots and Peek A Boo Poker.
The gameplay borrows from Puzzle Bobble using the whole combo system with grouped color bubbles as the playing pieces. If the accumulated BBB Game for adultsbubbles on screen reach the bottom of the playing area, the game is over. If a level is completed, the player will be rewarded with the image of a nude pixelated woman.

Originally released under the title Magic Bubble in 1991, it was licensed to American Video Entertainment. During this time, two versions became available. One with the erotic imagery present and one without. The one without was sold in the US while the one with the porn intact was a Japanese only distribution by Hacker International under the name Soap Panic (a reference to popular soap land brothels in Japan). Eventually the game was released by Bubble Bath Babes End Game ScreenPanesian in the United States as Bubble Bath Babes with the adult content intact.

It is currently one of the more valuable rare video games to collect at $1000 U.S. Dollars on auction sites such as eBay.

Atari 2600

Custer’s Revenge

Custers Revenge Box ArtCuster’s Revenge (also known as Westward Ho and The White Man Came) is an adult video game made for the Atari 2600 by Mystique, a company that produced a number of adult video game titles for the system. The player character is based on General George Armstrong Custer, well known for his crushing defeat at the Battle of Little Bighorn. In the game, the player controls the character of Custer, depicted as a man wearing nothing but a cavalry hat, boots and a bandana, sporting a visible erection. Custer has to dodge arrow attacks to reach the other side of the screen, Where there is a naked Native American woman tied to a pole. The game was first released on September 23, 1982.

Minor modifications have been made to the game overtime by different distributors. These custer revengemodifications included making the skin of the woman darker and having her extend her arm and gesture to Custer to come over to her.



Again, this list is only partial.  There are way more underground adult console games out there but these are the most popular.

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Robot Strippers

There are 2 sides to robot strippers: One is the awe of how far technology has come. The way these machines move is fascinating, gyrating with life-life movements. The other is horrifying. How “unhuman” these things look. One looks like a termintator-esque killing machine and the other looks like a monster.

It’s clear that mankind still has a ways to go until it can perfectly mirror a stripper in robotic form.

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CamSoda Makes VR Sex With Real Person Possible

CamSoda is perfecting VR sex with 2 or more people

Soon, you’ll be able to have VR sex with a real live person over the Internet, thanks to the adult entertainment webcam company CamSoda. Everything starts today, marking the “the first time in history you can have virtual sex online,” CamSoda said.

How Does VR Sex With A Real Person Work?

CamSoda explained in a news release, sex simulators are required. The way it works is “a male and female synced wearable [sex simulator] that passes pressure data from the female toy to the male sleeve.” In order to get the full experience, a VR headset is required.

VR Sex Simulator

Using a “smart male masturbator” sleeve on the penis, pick a sex partner, and get ready for some fun. The model picked would then play with a smart vibrator, which can “feel” pressure and relay it to the partner’s sleeve over the Internet. And just like real sex, both parties work together: The penis sleeve tightens based on the pressure it feels on the vibrator, and the vibrator gets feedback from your sleeve regarding the speed and intensity of your actions.

“This replicates a real life experience creating pulsating vibrations on each end with each person,” CamSoda said.

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Indie Sex Game Developer Releases Bum Rush

college sex racing game

Nina Freeman, the indie game developer known for making Cibele the game about her sex life, recently released Bum Rush. It’s the first multiplayer racing game based around sex. Although the theme is based around sex, the sex is actually quite limited.

The premise is as follows: The player plays as one of a group of college roommates who all have a hot date on the same night. Everyone’s goal is the same. They want to take their date home for some hot sex and need a room. So, whoever gets home first gets to use the for the night and they are declared the winner.

8 players is recommended, but you can play with less according to the game developer. 4 is the minimum recommended number of players for the intended experience. There are smaller maps optimized for 4 or less players.

A game about racing home to have sex? Finally someone came out with a game for gamers who like racing AND sex.

This game is intended for mature audiences, and may be inappropriate for children.

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World Of Warcraft Nude Mods

Nice Ass Nude Mod For WOW

Legion will be released at the end of August and that means it won’t be long until the new batch of WOW nude patches gets released for the game’s newest expansion. The demon hunter class introduces a new adventure awaiting to happen in the expansion. The classes are pretty much the blood elves and the night elves with demonic features such as horns.

Big Boob Night Elf Game Character Nude, the leading source for WOW nude patches, hasn’t slowed down with WOW nude mods being released lately so there you can expect to find the latest patch that will allow you to play Legion with nude demon hunters.

WOW Nudity Mod

With the recent crackdown on the “overwatch porn movement” it will be interesting to see if Blizzard will apply the same energy in preventing so much pornographic fan content based on their game universes.

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Hologram Strippers Are Now A Thing And You Can Make One Yourself

Holograms were huge in the 80’s and 90’s with everything from stickers to $10,000 video game arcade cabinets housing games where players control hologram characters. Over time however, virtual reality technology began to shadow hologram tech.

Affordable VR headsets eventually showed up and virtual reality technology once again took the center stage but, that doesn’t mean growth in hologram tech (especially in the adult sector) has slowed down at all.

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