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Electronic Devices Like Current-Gen Laptop Computers Are Prime For Cyber Sex Applications

Electronic Devices Like Current-Gen Laptop Computers Are Prime For Cyber Sex Applications


Cyber sex is the next generation of sex. It is an umbrella term that encompasses many different facets of the world of virtual sex. Phone sex, virtual sex game MMOs, sexting, etc. are just some vessels that can be utilized to experience cyber sex but there are many more.

Why Do People Engage In Cyber Sex?

a) accessibility

b) easiness

c) anonymity

d) curiosity

e) all of the above

The correct answer is “e” but there can be many different reasons people engage in cyber sex.

Cyber sex can be an alternative option to traditional flesh and blood sex that takes place in the physical world we live in day to day, the world some people yearn to escape from day in and day out.

Certain medical conditions may prevent a person from having sex in the traditional manner and must seek out alternative means to fill that void in that person’s life.

Distance can be a problem for couples. Cyber sex becomes a substitute until lovers are in each other’s arms again.

Casual sex is sought after from time to time by all kinds of people but it can also be dangerous to be intimate with someone you don’t really know. Cyber sex is safe because you don’t actually meet the person. It’s all in a virtual space.

3D Anaglyph Images Like This One From Are Computer Generated And Without Limitations In Cyber Sex

3D Anaglyph Images Like This One From Are Computer Generated And Without Limitations In Cyber Sex

Where Can People Engage In Cyber Sex?

There are more cyber sex sites online that ever before. Chat rooms are abound as well as message boards, instant messaging services and even random sex chats with video sites like chatroulette. IRC chatting, although old, is still quite popular on the cyber sex scene. Even e-mail can be utilized to get some sexy cyber sex chat going.

Obviously, an Internet connection will be needed in most cases but others like phone sex simply require a phone. A microphone and computer camera (also called simply a “cam”) may want to be used for added effect, creating a more stimulating virtual sex environment.

It Is Argued That Phone Sex Is Different From Cyber Sex While Some Say Phone Sex Is Just An Older Model Of Cyber Sex That Came Before The Internet Age

It Is Argued That Phone Sex Is Different From Cyber Sex While Some Say Phone Sex Is Just An Older Model Of Cyber Sex That Came Before The Internet Age

Cyber Sex Focuses On Talking And Writing With Most Cyber Sex Applications

The above statement will most likely be a turn off for those who are shy or not imaginative as being outgoing and having a rich imagination are key elements to a good cyber sex session. Whether speaking or writing, good communication is key.

A person may want to practice by writing or saying out loud things that they would otherwise not, specifically things of a sexual nature. This can slowly teach someone, if anything, to feel more comfortable with creating sexually explicit text or speaking in a sexually graphic manner. Remember, the phrase “practice makes perfect” can apply to anything.

Cyber Sex Can Shift Realism In A Variety Of Ways

Cyber Sex Can Shift Realism In A Variety Of Ways

Climaxing Through Cyber Sex

Masturbating will be something a cyber sexer may or may not want to get into depending on what their personal wants and desires are at the time. There are those that just like to watch, after all. This make voyeurism a compatible practice with cyber sex. What gets one person off may not get someone else off. Again, communication is key.

It quickly becomes clear that cyber sex can open up a variety of channels for people to explore and fulfill their deepest sexual desires.


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Click for the web's best phone sex on

Click for the web's best phone sex on

Easy Girls Phone Sex

Easy Girls Phone Sex

85 Cent Cheap Phone Sex

85 Cent Cheap Phone Sex


321sexchat sex chatroom

321sexchat sex chatroom

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Big Titty Amazon Sex Game

Amazon Island is a short “pick-your-girl” sex game with strong virtual sex simulator play mechanics. The whole “choose your girl” girl function is presented in an interesting way with the outcome of choice being determined by the outcome of the minigame the player has to participate in in order to further the story. Overall the game is short and sexy.

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The Original High Tail Hall Version 1.7

When the original High Tail Hall was released first way back in 2004 the furry communities went crazy for a virtual sex adventure featuring furry women with big tits.

It was an unfinished project that fell into what is known as eternal freeware status. Eventually another version was released. The same community that enjoyed the first game didn’t not feel the same towards this version and so HTH 2 was released. If anything it greatly expands on the game’s universe in regards to the female furries.

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BioShock Infinite: The X-Rated Version

BioShock Infinite was a hell of an FPS RPG. It’s fitting that (yes, the same guys that made a game where you can fuck Juri Han in the ass) are behind this virtual sex simulator demo. The artwork is spot on with superb animation that any hardcore sex game enthusiast could appreciate. Still, it’s just a demo and there isn’t much “game” to it at this point.

Hopefully BioCock Intimate (yes, it’s called that) becomes expanded upon and the folks at zone-archive take their virtual sex simulator skills and transfer them to a complete virtual sex game complete with challenges and obstacles for players to overcome with some hot, steamy digital sex art as the reward :)

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The Best Meet ‘N’ Fuck Game Of The Series

Meet ‘N’ Fuck: Star Mission is hands down the best of the series according to adult game players online. This is the last game in the series before the artwork went “western” and moved away from the heavily anime hentai influence it portrayed in most of the series’ games.

In Star Mission the player awakens from a cryo-chamber in space after a long deep sleep and must navigate around a space ship having plenty of hot sex along the way.

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Retro Flash Sex Game Spotlight: Alien Snatch Attack

This one is a blast from the past in adult flash gaming. Alien snatch attack was one of the first sex games that appeared online back when rogue media sites like Newgrounds were still up and coming.

It’s a timeless addition to the world of browser-based virtual sex games.

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Street Fighter II Anal Sex Game Featuring Juri Han

Sexualizing female video game characters is a popular pastime for many gamers with digital art skills but it takes mad game creation skills as well to come up with the best of both worlds.

In this virtual sex game you (the player) are in the process of being fucked by Juri Han and you have to beat her in a battle of the climaxes. The game is a “click puzzle” meaning click on certain areas of the screen and (of course, Juri herself) will make a variety of things happening from clothes being ripped off to sex super powers being unleashed. There is even an easter egg of Juri singing.

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S&M Fetish Bundle For Chathouse 3D Out Now

fetish sex mmo

The New BDSM Fetish Expansion For Chathouse 3D Includes Graphic Upgrades And New Animations

ThriXXX recently released a new expansion pack for Chathouse 3D: A hot and steamy BDSM location. The location is the ultimate BDSM play pen for fetish freaks complete with new sexy outfits and some wildly creative kinky toys.

s and m sex game

Multiple Sex Toys Have Been Added To The Expansion

The BDSM expansion is bundled with a total of 5 different upgrades that really expands on the ThriXXX’s sex MMO.

hardcore sado masachism sex pc game

Fucking Just Got More Interesting In This Sex MMO

Current users will find a fresh updgrade waiting for them that will further enhance their experience and new users will have all the more reason to join ThriXXX’s sex universe.

sex scenes pc online game

The New Locale Has Been Added To This Sex MMO

ThriXXX claims this Chathouse 3D upgrade is only the beginning. More sexy, dirty fun in 2015 awaits!

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So You Want To Make Money With An Adult Website? (Part 3)

Traffic.  You Need It And You Will Never Have Enough Of It

In part 1 I discussed why someone might want to avoid this business. In part 2 it was how to start in this business. Welcome to the final part of my adult marketing guide where I discuss the most important part yet: Traffic.

Your site is online and you got it filled to the brim with content. The good news is the hard part is over. The bad news is the monotonous part is just beginning.

Getting traffic from Google is automatic. Once your site is indexed into Google’s search engine you will start receiving organic traffic from your content. The more content, the more organic traffic. After this you can try your hand at link building and other basic SEO practices to establish some authority but in the world of adult marketing content really IS king. However, Google is just ONE website. There are dozens and dozens of sites out there that will help you draw traffic to your site. I will list these below with my method of getting traffic from these sites.


To get traffic from Youtube you will need the following:

1. Firefox browser with the plugin called DownloadHelper.

2. Ease123 Video Watermarker software free trial. You want the free trial because it only processes 50% of the video and guess what? That makes a video a new unique video.

3. Pazera free MP4 to AVI video converter. You will use this to convert downloaded videos from Youtube into a format Ease123 can process.

Now, when you have the necessary software you will search for vids on Youtube with popular adult keywords: Free porn, ass and titties, porn star (name) etc. Adult keywords are plentiful and you can explore youtube with a variety of terms. Get creative and see what comes up or spend some time putting together a list of keywords first.

After you downloaded about 100 videos or so you will convert them with Pazera into an AVI format and run them through Ease123 video watermarker and watermark your website URL. The trial copy of Ease123 will only convert half the video and that is what we want because, as I mentioned before, this will make the video unique. You can even stop the video early to further “uniquify” it. Short clips of 1-2 minute videos is fine. This is quantity NOT quality were going for.

5-10 videos per Youtube account is fine. You can do less to play it safe but it takes more time and playing it safe isn’t a guarantee that you won’t lose those accounts either. So from 100 videos you should have anywhere from 10-20 accounts. Mix it up to make it look natural (7 vids in one account, 5 in another etc.).

So yes, we are essentially recycling Youtube videos and making them appear unique.

Now the daunting part: You have to change your IP address EVERYTIME you make a new Youtube account. Youtube is stricter than ever and even with an IP address change for each account expect to lose the majority of your vids and accounts. Another reason why this is a numbers game. But don’t worry, that google account you made when you created a Youtube account is going to be used for other purposes while it’s still good.

Changing your IP adress is best left up to a DSL modem. Visiting Adobe’s website to get rid of those nasty flash cookies that Youtube uses is step 1. Clearing your cache and browser of all activity history is step 2. Finally, unplugging your DSL modem and letting it sit for a few minutes is step 3.

If you have a cable modem you can try Shreyas Zare’s Technitium MAC Address Changer but it isn’t a guaranteed fix.

After all is said and done you should start seeing some direct traffic immediately. Then it’s just a matter of rinsing and repeating. is a pinterest clone site for adult content. There are many of them out there but this one is one of the more popular ones. Remember that Google account we made for Youtube? Take it right over to this site, create an account, and start scraping your site’s content so that you can put it up on with a link back to your site. People generally find that traffic is poor when it comes to converting but there is no such thing as “poor traffic” there is, however, such a thing as untargeted traffic. I find people’s assesment of a site’s traffic is the result of their inability to match up the right kind of content with the right kind of offers one is promoting. Real people are real people. This makes them “good traffic” alone. If you don’t market what they want it’s your own fault.


Creating dozens and dozens of accounts through Facebook is hard these days so it’s better to go the quality over quantity route if you want to use FB, unlike Youtube where quantity is king since account creation is so much easier. So use that Gmail account you got when you made your Youtube account and let’s make a Facebook account with it.

Creating a page of a fairly attractive girl that like adult content is a way to get a lot of people’s attention. There is something about a hot girl that is into other hot girls that just turns guys on. The sense of realism will also trigger a response to your visitors and, as long as you continuously update your FB page with links to new content you upload on your site you will have quite the following in no time. Just remember not to post any adult content on the Facebook page itself or the ban hammer cometh.


Twitter must love WordPress because there are dozens of twitter plugins that enable instant tweets to be sent out everytime you make a post on your WordPress blog. Setting up a matching Twitter account to promote your blog is a no brainer. It’s easy and will get you a little traffic for literally no work. Now if you have a static site with a set amount of content then Twitter probably won’t do you much good as it is better left to sites that update frequently.


Porn forums are plentiful and a great source of traffic (as long as you abide by the rules). Not much trickery here as it’s really just all about being a good contributor to the forum. If somebody starts a thread requesting a certain kind of content and your site has it post it up. Or perhaps there is a discussion thread about a famous porn star. Join the discussion and prove you are a “real member.” Make sure you have a link in your signature to your site and on your profile page and start posting. Join discussions and continue to contribute. In time, you will be a valued member of the forum and you will see an influx of traffic from this. A few nice porn forums are Freeones, Planetsuzy, and Forumophilia. Again, the key here is to take a little time and not be spammy. Post on these forums as you would a forum that you follow with real interest. Growing one good account on a porn forum is worth a hell of a lot more than constantly losing accounts and creating new ones. Porn forums are another “quality over quantity” approach to adult marketing.


Honestly, I don’t have much experience with email and I want to keep it that way. Too much risk when it comes to the CAN-SPAM act but that doesn’t mean you can’t build an email list as long as your listees voluntarily join it. Email list building is a long and daunting process but having your own list built up over time can be valuable as you can run several offers by your listees repeatedly and possibly make some money. Again, my experience is limited with adult email marketing and the laws are no joke (how does 20 years in prison sound?) so if you don’t know what you are doing stay away from this approach to adult marketing.

At this point it’s rinse and repeat. Make another Gmail account and use it to make all the other social media accounts out there. Make a new Facebook page with a new girl, make a new account, new forum accounts, etc. Rinsing and repeating is why I mentioned at the beginning of this part of the guide that this is the monotonous part.


If after all your efforts fail and you can’t seem to get organic traffic you can always pay for it. Of course, this is literally a gamble as there is no telling if your ROI will be in the black. Expect to lose money through split testing and generally mismatched marketing. I never have paid for traffic in my life and don’t plan on it is as there is simply too much free traffic out there to pass on. If you still feel like paying for it you can always head over to Exoclick or Juicyads, setup an advertiser account, and cross your fingers.


I hear people requesting traffic from certain countries many times. 9 times out of 10 this is the result of some high paying CPA offer that the webmaster is trying to capitalize on. It’s hard to geo target traffic but here is one trick:

Using Google Translate you can put up text on your adult website for the country you want to target. For example, if you are going after German traffic, instead of putting up “Welcome to my Porn Site!” as your header put up “Willkommen auf meiner Porno-Site!” Simply put, the trick is to use foreign text to get the attention of the corresponding country you are targeting.

So that’s it. Follow this guide if you are positive that you want to make money with an adult website and you will.

Good Luck!

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So You Want To Make Money With An Adult Website? (Part 2)

profit from porn

In part 1 of my adult marketing guide I covered the reasons that a person may want to avoid entering this business. It’s a good way to see if you are up to getting involved in this since doing it half-heartedly won’t cut it. This is a business like any other and if you aren’t devoted you won’t get very far at all (like any other business).

So you decided you are ready to move forward. The fear, cost and moral dilemmas don’t bother you. Right, let’s get to it.

There are 2 main web properties that you will utilize if you are serious about making a business out of this industry.

Web 2.0s

Web 2.0s, or free sites (Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), are nice as they are free and can help you promote your biz via social media. Some people rely on these free platforms as their main site. This is foolish as you don’t really “own” the site. A Facebook page belongs to Facebook. A Tumblr blog belongs to Tumblr. This means that they don’t belong to you and you are at the risk of losing “your” site any day especially if you are dealing with adult content. You can use these to promote your main site but you should really have a main site that you own.

Self-Hosted Property

This is what I mean by “main site.” I mean a domain that you registered and a hosting account that you pay for. I don’t mean you have to know how to build a site. In fact, it’s a waste of time to code a site from scratch when there are a wide variety of wonderful CMS (content management system) platforms out there. WordPress is my preferred CMS. The blog you are reading this article on right now is a WordPress site. A CMS is easy to install as most hosting accounts have some sort of automatic deployment system that will setup your CMS at the push of a button.

There are also scripts that mimic popular platforms like pin sites (pinterest) and tube sites (pornhub, xhamster) but many times the good ones have a price so be prepared to spend a little if you want a quality clone script. There is all something called “white label” sites. White label sites are sites that are pre-made for you (with a little customizing on your part) and include everything you need, including the hosting. Of course, they come with a monthly fee typically so you might end up losing money rather making any since they don’t supply you with any traffic. That part is up to you. Personally, I don’t like them. It’s not hard to setup your own site for minimal costs and a white label site seems like something left for the lazy.

My advice is setup a self-hosted property and use web 2.0s to promote it. This way you are getting the best of both worlds without putting all your eggs in one basket and risk of losing your hardwork.

You have your web property online. What now?

Now you need content. Again, as discussed in part 1, you can create your own content, purchase it from a 3rd party, or rehash the smut that’s out there already.


Got a girl? A willing model? Here’s the important part: You will need to get documentation with proof of age (over 18 in the US) for your model and a custodian of records to maintain the records so that they will be available on request. The good news is you don’t have to hire an actual person to fill the custodian of records position. You just have to follow the laws that surround it by keeping proof of all your models’ age on file and ready to be presented if requested by the attorney general.

Now it’s just a matter of spending money on the models which can add up quite fast.
Another option is partnerships. Sometimes an adult business will have a model(s) on hand that all serve as a partner to the business. Instead of receiving payment for their work they get a cut of the profits. Essentially, they work off commision. These situations are rare and are usually the result of established relationships between the model(s) and the producer. For example, couples may go into business together and form a partnership like this.

The option for creating content from scratch is best left to those who are established in the business from other ventures or, those who have a large budget to work with.


Not quite as expensive as creating it yourself but still you will be spending money. There are plenty of wholesalers out there that will sell you legal porn for the purpose of reselling. Adult Wholesale Distributors specialize is wholesale supply for adult entertainment business owners. They are just one of many but again, expect to spend a lot going this route. Best left to those who have a decent budget to work with.

The advantage of this is that not only can you resell your smut legally, you can also use it to promote your site. You own the content so use it how you want. Give out “free samples” to people on mailing lists. Create extensive porn portfolios on adult pin sites like The possibilities are endless and since you will be holding on to professional content you have that name brand power. People are already searching for your content because the actresses/actors in it are established.

Whether you create your own or resell content you will want a 3rd party billing company to handle the transactions and I find CCBill to be the best. They have a great customer service team that will answer all your questions. I called them up a couple years ago looking to sell an adult product I had created and they walked me through all the steps.


What 90% of adult webmasters do. Rehashing content is the “art” of putting old ideas or material into a new form without significant change or improvement. So basically, you will scrape a lot of existing content out there (both pics and videos) and republish them on your own site. A great niche for this practice is review sites. RabbitReviews is a great example of this business model. The site has made a name for itself off OTHER people’s porn. They don’t create anything. They write reviews for porn sites. In other words, they offer new value to existing porn for porn viewers.

The obvious advantage of rehashing porn is that it is free. The obvious disadvantage is that it is stealing BUT if you can’t find a copyright claim on the content or nobody comes forward, you are fine. The sheer amount of porn available online is the advantage point. Who can keep track of all the smut out there? With new content going online daily from all over the world it’s like tapping into an oil well that never runs dry…and that means the money will never run out since you are working on 100% profit at this point.

As mentioned before, if you choose this route you will have to put up TONS and TONS of content as you are just a copy of a copy most likely. Diehard porn fans will know they have seen your content elsewhere already and will be turned off from you site. Occasionally you get visitors that think YOU are the first to bring this content online so when those visitors start adding up you can start making some money.

With the rehash approach to making money online you will find yourself in hot water with the porn producers’ lawyers if you try to sell this content directly since you don’t hold the copyright to it. This is where adult AFFILIATE marketing comes in to play.

While CCBill is used for those who want to sell smut directly to their visitors, affiliate programs are used for those that just want to use content to get visitors’ attention.
An adult affiliate program works like this: You put a link (text, image, etc.) on your site that contains a tracking code. When users click that link they are directed to a 3rd party website that sells adult entertainment products and services. If a purchase or action is made at this point, you get commision.

Adult affiliate programs are various. The main types are PPS (Pay Per Sale), CPA (Cost Per Action), PPI (Pay Per Install), And PPC (Pay Per Click). Here is a list of my preferred ones:


This company makes desktop strippers. It is a very unique product that has stood the test of time in an industry filled with fly-by-night companies. I have made thousands with them over the years and if you are serious about adult affiliate marketing they should be on your list of offers that you are promoting.


The king of MMO sex games. A great niche that is flexbible to various types of adult traffic. The rebills alone make these guys a great addition to any adult affiliate marketer’s list of offers.


The sex cam industy’s best kept secret. Again, like Thrixxx rebills are HUGE here. You will get a handful of regulars that constantly spend money on their favorite performer and then you will start seeing the money add up fast. It doesn’t take much with this affiliate program as I think I might have only 7 or 8 customers total at this point but they continue to make me hundreds in commision money each month. It’s all about the rebills, baby.


The king of adult CPA offers. If want to get into CPA marketing go with these guys. Plenty of good offers ranging from $3-5 an email submit WITHOUT a credit card needed. I especially like their geo targeting banner since my sites get traffic from all over the world none of it gets wasted. But, as with all CPA companies, if your leads don’t start equaling paying customers eventually, they will drop you.


The king of E-commerce. That includes adult products. If you want to sell the latest sex toys and pornographic reading material Amazon has a great affiliate program to use. The only problem with them is that they are pretty strict on how you market their products. You have to use their promotional content ONLY or risk getting banned from the program.

Again, the above affiliates are what I use to make money. Don’t feel limited to them. In fact, it’s probably best that you explore other affiliates out there since what works for me may not work for you.

One tip I will give you though: Porn affiliate programs that sell sex videos are only as good as the popular actress that is backing them. Porn is free. It has no real value to your general consumer anymore. Just look at all the tube sites that are out there. Companies like Brazzers and Vivid Entertainment are the ones that make the real money in this area AND setup free tube sites like Redtube, Pornhub, and Youporn to promote their stuff. I know what your thinking ” What’s that you say!?! The free tube sites are owned by the very companies looking to sell the content???” Yes, because their OLD content that isn’t worth a damn anymore except as promotional material to attract customers to their NEW content that is worth something. Make sense?

At this point you should have a basic blueprint for the foundation of your adult web property.

Up next in the 3rd and final part of this guide: Traffic.

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