The Pop-Up Book Of Sex: The “Low-Tech Sex Simulator”

The Pop-Up Book of Sex is an informative , clever book about the ten best ways to have sex, with 10 pop-up positions, a brief explanation of each one, and tips, pull-outs and alternate positions to try throughout.

The “paper engineering” that goes into pop-up books has always impressed people over the years. If anything, creating adult entertainment out of a pop-up book is a true testament to rule #34.

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2015 Best Mainstream Video Game Nude And Sex Scenes

The above video is a collection of the best nude and sex scenes in mainstream video games that were some of last year’s biggest sellers in the video game industry.

Although there are plenty of sex games out there, aside from games with the main purpose of getting your avatar laid, there are plenty of mainstream titles that feature nudity and even graphic sex scenes. These games already have adult themes complete with character dialogue that is clearly intended for adults.

So, what does the 2nd half of 2016 hold in video games? More sex and nudity of course 😉

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Google Cardboard Makes Virtual Porn Affordable

Google Cardboard Makes Virtual Porn An Affordable Experience

Google Cardboard is probably one of Google’s most standout products. When one hears the name “Google Cardboard” it isn’t surprising that many expect it to be a joke of some kind. One of the most notable companies in mankind’s technological achievements makes a high tech product out of cardboard, setting it a notch above the everday cardboard box. In other words, a fully functional VR headset…made out of cardboard.

2016 is the year of virtual porn (as far as adult entertainment goes) and a VR headset that only costs $15 is quite the refreshment when compared to headsets costing hundreds of dollars. Thanks to Google enjoying virtual porn is now an affordable experience to those on a budget.

But, if someone wants the immersive experience that virtual reality can bring, then a VR headset is needed. This can be an obstacle for those who want to try out virtual porn but don’t really have the money (or want to spend it) on a headset. Again, $15 is the answer.

Simply put: Google has made the full virtual porn experience affordable for the everyday person that is motivated to watch virtual porn simply out of curiousity, who also does not want to invest a lot of money into a headset for such a “curiousity.”

Google actually hosts a variety of headsets available for purchase and not all are made out of cardboard. The cardboard models are the cheapest (obviously). The new I/O 2015 viewers support screens of up to 6 inches. Even the more expensive models like the SMARTvr ($39.95) are still affordable when compared to a VR headset like the Oculus Rift.

Want to see all of the VR headsets that Google has available? CLICK HERE

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Susy Gala VR Porn

Busty Susy Gala has solo sex in virtual reality.

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Big Tit Blonde Threesome Virtual Porn

2 busty blondes get fucked in this hot and steamy virtual porno.

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Costume Play VR Porn

Fuck a costume play girl VR style. VR Headset required for full experience.

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Julie Anne VR Porn

Watch hot blonde MILF Julie Anne get fucked in this 3rd person voyeur virtual porn video.

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2 Teen Strippers VR Porn

Bang a couple of hot and horny teen strippers in this virtual porn video.

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Virtual Reality Porn Starring Noemi

Noemi likes it doggystyle and a whole bunch of other ways in this VR Porn exclusive from VirtualTaboo.

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Big Boob Milfs VR Porn Threesome

Get ready to get your dick sucked and fucked in virtual reality by two busty blonde MILFs.

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