The Adult Dating Site That POF and Tinder Pretend To Be


OK, so Tinder is an app but the point is there are few online adult dating sites that really are that. “Adult dating” is a term used to describe websites dedicated to sex NOT relationships. is the latest and greatest real adult dating website that delivers.

Sexy Is The Worlds Leading Online Dating Website offers a dating service that skips right to the sex with NSA (No Strings Attached) making it very convenient and easy for people who just want to have some fun without any serious relationship bullshit mixed in.

Sexy Changes The Way Traditional Mature Internet Dating Works

Online dating seems to be getting more and more “to the point” as more and more people get online to look for everything and anyone.

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Metal Gear Solid “Boob Physics” Action Figure To Soon Debut

Quiet Has Squeezable Boobs

Square Enix Play Arts Kai’s action toy rendition of Quiet, the mute female sniper who is featured in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is coming out soon.

Aside from the excellent detail, Quiet also features realistic squeezable tits that are represented as “boob physics” by the toy company. It is the first action figure of it’s kind in the sense that the boobs are realistic and can be squeezed.

The release date for this action figure is planned for next week and is available as an import only (Japan).

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The Ultimate Stripper Simulation Game

It’s safe to say that the whole virtual stripper scene is seasoned and established. There are games that feature virtual strippers and games built around virtual strippers; Desktop screensavers and smartphone apps. Virtual strippers are popular to digital consumers everywhere.

But of all content that features digital strippers and stripteases which is THE stripper game. The one that is a true stripper simulator where avatar customization is half the fun?
Dream Sripper is it.

Dream Stripper has been around for sometime (the original version came out in 2005) it first made garnished attention YouTube over 7 years ago and continues to receive praise for it’s realism and ingeniuity. Now on version 3.0 Dream Stripper offers more avatars, customization and playability than ever before with several mini-games mixed in.

The erotic, life-like models (that continue to get enhanced with each version) were drawn by one of Hollywood best graphic artists and were rendered in 3-D with industry grade software. The motion-capture technology used to capture the tittilating movement of live exotic dancers has also been used in A-list video games like GTA IV. This is no ordinary stripper game.

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Tinder Tips: Common Problems And Solutions…To Getting Sex

DISCLAIMER: This guide is for guys and ugly girls. Tinder on!


PROBLEM: Users’ profile was getting plenty of matches day 1 and then, almost instantly, practically nothing.

“I got several (matches) the first day, then almost nothing (literally) for 2 months even though i resorted to swiping right on every girl. Changed my profile pic last week and now im getting 3-4 a day. Basically, i have no idea what girls want and its been a roller coaster ride for my ego. “ -Reddit Comment.

Here’s something most people don’t realize about Tinder: It wants to make a good first impression with it’s users. So, when somebody first signs up that person’s pics will be placed at the front of the line for their designated area. This means that use has a better chance at grabbing a match and starting a conversation with them right off the bat. Therefore, the first day a person signs up with Tinder is usually the best chance that person has to get plenty of matches.

SOLUTION: Delete the account and reinstall everything OR make a new account. Just deleting the app won’t work because Tinder saves users’ account information.


PROBLEM: Sending messages back and forth to matches and then communication suddenly stops.

“Not sure how the hell someone 75 miles away ended up as a match.” -Tinder Message Board

“Matched with a girl who was interesting and interested enough for me to quit messaging other matches.” -Reddit Comment

If the user hasn’t been unmatched and the matchee is still listed then there are only 2 possible reasons for the messaging to stop as listed above from real users…

Tinder is still somewhat of a new app, and that, unfortunately means it is glitchy as all fuck. The GPS location feature on it is shitty and makes mistakes. Sometimes it takes people a while to realize that the person they have been messaging lives a lot farther away than they assumed from their search distance setting. When that happens it can be a quick good-bye without even a good-bye message.

The other reason should be a bit more obvious. There are plenty of people on Tinder so an instant end to messaging an old match…is an instant beginning to messaging a new match. Multi-messaging may happen but soon enough users hone in on who they really like and they get the bulk (if not all) of the messages.

SOLUTION: Like most computer software probems, re-installing does wonders. Wipe Tinder off your phone completely and reinstall it. You shouldn’t lose any existing matches so don’t worry.


PROBLEM: No matches.

“What the fuck!?! I have been on this fucking app for almost 4 months and I can’t get a single fucking match!!!” -Personal Blog of an Angry Tinder User.

Tinder puts one quality above ever other a person has: Their looks. The written bio is something that is hidden and most people don’t even bother to check it. Looking good is what this app is all about.

SOLUTION: A picture in the right moment, right light, right lens type, etc. can literally change a person’s appearance. If a user doesn’t know how to take a good pic of themself then it’s best hire a professional photographer that knows how to make people look good. If a person is not attractive by today’s standards there is always “trick photography” that will add a significant amount of attractiveness.

Tinder Sexting Is Possible

Constantly getting the “There’s no one new around you.” message.

“Where is everybody?” -Random Tinder Users Everywhere

SOLUTION: Change your search distance regularly. For example if you have it set to 10 miles change it to 11 and then 9 after you exhausted any new searches. Tinder is funny like this and with regular adjustments to the search distance bar you can “unlock” a lot of hidden people that you might never have seen. Call it a bug but regular adjustments will ensure you get maximum visibility.

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Top 10 Porn Searches Conducted By Men And Women

The Similarities Between The Porn Search Trends Between Men And Women Are Closer Than Most May Think

Here are a couple of videos that Alltime10s recently put together displaying the search behaviors between men and women when it comes to searching for sweet, sweet filth. Probably the most interesting thing about search trends between men and women when it comes to searching for porn on the internet is just how similar they are to each other.

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When Porn And Cancer Awareness Mix

Game of Balls Has A Cancer Awareness Message For You

Two things that are worlds apart. Two things that wouldn’t be thought of at the same time by any person. So, why the HELL would anyone mention porn and cancer in the same sentence anyway?
It’s a new cancer awareness tactic that actually might have some merit even if it “ruins the mood.”

In the new Digital Playground porn “Game of Balls’ there is amid-film surprise is the result of a collaboration between DP and the Blue Ball Foundation. The goal? To raise testicular cancer awareness in Australia.

“Australian men are 21 percent more likely to get testicular cancer than the world average,” said Blue Ball Foundation founder and testicular cancer survivor Jamie Morgan.
“As Eva says in the film, it’s 97 percent curable when detected early but sadly, most men never check themselves,” Morgan said. “This is a smart, cheeky way of getting our message out to the relevant audience.”

So keep in mind that the next porn you watch might just save your life 😉

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Digital Playground Releases “Virtual Sex With” Collection

hardcore virtual sex dvd

The Virtual Sex With series was a milestone in interactive adult entertainment. Digital Playground really went the distance with providing it’s audience with a sex simulator that featured their favorite porn star.

virtual tit job

Using a DVD Remote the user chooses the sexual positions as well as the camera angles. There is even slight personality “customization” in the form of choosing the girls’ moods that can be nice or nasty, similar to a Japanese dating simulator.

virtual blowjob

The secret behind the seemless transition between fantasy and reality? FantaVR. With FantaVR control over these hot, wet and wild women. Other interactive sex DVDs pale in comparison to Digital Playground’s Virtual Sex series.

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Sex Tech: The Future Of Sex

The Future of Sex Most Certainly Involves Robotics

Just what is the total impact the internet has had on our sex lives and ourselves as sexual beings? Research is constantly being undergone as technology continues to directly affect each an every person’s sex lives in ways they may not have realized. For example, internet dating and virtual relationships have made a certain amount of young people go out less than they would have otherwise if this technology didn’t exist.

Nicola Doring (author and researcher) has declared the following:

“Online sex shops can be classified as a sexual stimulus that triggers various physiological, affective, and cognitive reactions in the user depending on his or her predispositions.”

Advanced technology that changes peoples sex lives dramatically is currently available. For example, Firebox’s Vibease for example, has manufactured a discreet and near-silent vibrator designed to be worn “on the go” which can be controlled via one’s smartphone. Included with the app is a selection of erotic audio books which can be used in synchronicity with the vibrator creating quite the sexual experience.

It is clear that sex tech is a technology that is constantly advancing. In another decade or so, as virtual reality tech such as that with products like Oculus Rift continues to improve, we may be looking at fully immersive virtual sex as a very real possibility.

The future of sex is closer than we all think.

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Mark Dorcel: VirtuaGirl’s Best Kept Secret

Not many know the name but most likely you have seen his work. Famed for his Pornochic film series (which has been running for years) Dorcel is France’s top pornographic producer and has made quite a name for himself in the adult entertainment industry outside of his homeland as well.
Recently this year it was announced that Dorcel has teamed up with VirtuaGirl for some premium sexy stripper content. The “Dorcel girls” (as they are called around the studio) are now available for download on VirtuaGirlHD’s official site.

Hot Sultry Black Haired Persian Beauty

Anissa Kate is 27 years old and from Paris, France. Anissa has been dancing and performing as a porn star for a number of years all around the world. She has an adventurous spirit and she’s used her erotic talents to take to to many different countries and beautiful cities. We now have her making her dancing debut with us! Get to know Anissa on a more intimate level by downloading all of her stage shows, and let her get naked for you in private and for your eyes only!

Hot Petite Tit Blonde

Lola Reve has the cutest French accent ever and she loves to talk about sex! She has been discovered by Marc Dorcel; Lola is a bona fide porn star and she gets off on getting people off. She is hyper sexual and loves to show off her body. Making her fans happy gives her immense joy and Lola has been known to take requests when it comes to her themed stage shows. Show Lola some love, send her your fan mail and download all her sexy stage shows.

Hot Ass Skinny Slender Brunette

Nephael is 27 years old and from Paris, France. Here at the studio we refer to Nephael as Nephael the Naughty! Nephael has a hyper active sex drive and she is always flirting with someone new when she shows up to dance. But it is this sexual energy that delights her fans and instantly gets people turned on in all the right ways. She has been discovered by Marc Dorcel and animates one of their TV shows :)

Busty Sex Kitten Girl Next Door Looking Woman

Anna Polina is best known by her fans for being a real hardcore porn star! You’ve seen her movies, now enjoy Anna on a more intimate level as she strips for you in private. Anna enjoys using role play and sexy lingerie in her stage shows and seeing her reveal her her big boobs and shaved pussy is always a fine treat!

Nice Thin And Slender Sexy Short Hair Dark Perky Tit Girl

Ava Courcelles is a sassy brunette from Paris that enjoys all the finer things in life. Ava has been discovered by Marc Dorcel, she has lead a privileged life and studied at one of the top universities world wide. It was here that she discovered the allure of using her body to turn men and women on and the power that it gives her. Ava is hot, sexy and seductive. Enter her world of erotic enticement and you will be duly rewarded.

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Site Updates As Of March 14th 2015

Updates To The Website


Just a quick post to let readers know about some re-arranging going on and some broken links being fixed…


  • page broken links fixed with even more videos added.

  • Virtual Sex page moved to here to make room for more great uncensored sex tech content.

  • Virtual Sex Games page added in place of virtual sex section due to demand of online playable virtual sex games

  • Comments removed due to the mass volumes of comment spam received each day that is too time consuming to deal with at this time.

  • Be sure to update your bookmarks!
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