Apple Bans Virtual Sex Simulator App…Again

La Petite Mort, French for “the little death” (an expression used to describe an orgasm), was recently ripped from the Apple app store for being “inappropriate.”

La Petite Mort is a self-described “erotic musical simulation game” where the aim is to stroke, tickle, and generally run fingers over a pixelated vagina in time with a pulsating rhythm, bring the “owner” of the virtual vagina to orgasm by guiding your fingers around the screen. Think of all those on-beat games like Guitar Hero and PaRappa the rapper.

So, instead of a guitar it’s a snatch but the idea is the same.

Although Apple is a pretty great company that makes great tech, everyone wants to know why they are such pussies about pussy. The company has an extensive history of banning content, deeming it “obscene” or “inappropriate” from their app store which is silly because you can still search for porn on your iPhone even if you don’t get an app from their app store.

Will Apple’s banning of content result in more people moving to an Android device? Possibly. After all, freedom of speech is one of the greatest liberties that exist.

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Sex In The Digital World: From Games To Art

Sex In The Digital World

Digital sex has become big business with the introduction of the Internet. The net has become a vast library of digitized porn. The line that is drawn between porn and art has been skewed for some time but erotic art has earned it’s rightful place online with entire sites dedicated to erotic art and the artists behind the work.


Part of this erotic art presence if fueled by gaming. Virtual sex games have exploded in the last 5-6 years with more virtual sex game content online than ever before. Behind these games are a host of talented programmers, designers, and, of course, artists.

Creating Digital Art Online

Erotic gaming art has become quite popular online with the most recent notable example being the overwatch porn “movement” that has left the net’s top porn sites riddled with tons and tons of fan produced “video game porn.” Nevertheless, Artistic skill is required for the creation of these “sex works” so credit should be given where credit is due. Sites like and exemplify this.


“sex art” is a dubious term. The meeting point where art and porn touch is debatable.

It may be human nature to create the erotic and sex charged version of any medium that shares artistic qualities or one can chalk it up to the fact that sex is simply one of the most popular forms of enteratainment. Even comic books, which many considered a youth’s innocent form of entertainment, have had an “adult eye” reshape what society thought of comic books which eventually led to the underground comic (or “comix”) movement. Underground comic databases are numerous on the net, illustrating the impact the effect digitizing has had on this artform.

Graphic sex became a centerpiece in underground comics and the internet is the perfect technology to preserve these adult-themed comics. Comix blog databases are plentiful online, preserving and showcasing some of the raunchiest, filthy adult comic books to ever come in to existence. Without the internet these comics may have been lost forever along with the source of the talent such as underground comics artists like R. Crumb.

comix blog database


First, there is porn. Loads and loads of porn. The digital age (where anything can become digitized) has been good to the porn industry. If it exists on a video or picture format of some kind, it can exist on the internet.

Second, virtual reality continues to advance. Adequate VR headsets with computers powerful enough to run VR sex software is considered the first generation of true virtual reality as it is applied to adult entertainment.

With all the digitizing of sex that is uploaded to the net some researchers have stated that birth rates will eventually drop worldwide as less people engage with sex with eachother and more with digital avatars. If virtual sex continues to evolve (which it most likely will) there won’t be a need for real life sex partners anymore.

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PornHub’s Virtual Reality Sex Channel: Full Review

PornHub's Virtual Reality Sex Channel Features Many VR Scenarios That Are To Be Viewed With Accompying VR Headsets For The Full Effect

Earlier this year the world’s biggest adult site teamed up with BaDoink to offer free 360-degree VR porn. The channel uses both iOS and Android setups and a couple different headsets. The main “selling points” for virtual reality porn appears to be 2 things currently:

Pornhub does say that the new channel will have lots of full 360-degree content, creating a truly immersive sexual experience. 360-degree content is part of the “magic formula” that helps create the illusion of the user actually being present in a virtual environment. Content that is not filme in 360 degrees loses the “virtual” feel rather quickly.

The other big “selling point” is that the content isn’t being sold at all…for now. PornHub’s VR sex channel is free, like the vast majority of PornHub’s content.

The resolution on the demo vid was blurry and the perspective is a bit “off,” proving that VR sex tech isn’t exactly smoothed out yet as it still feels like the user is waching a video at times rather than feeling like they are actually present in a virtual sex environment.

PornHub is going for versatility with experience working in the browsers, on Android and iOS operating systems. Eventually, PornHub plans on having their VR sex channel be fully functional with the Oculus Rift.

Overall, PornHub has done a pretty decent job with their VR porn channel but still have some kinks to work out in the form of device compatibility and video quality.

Is Virtual Reality Porn going to replace traditional “video porn?” If mega-porn companies keep going in the direction they are the answer is YES.

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Cam Con: The Virtual Cam Girl Convention

Flirt 4 Free - Live Girls
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Cam Con is a worldwide convention and trade show for the “camming industry” which is a sub-set of the many different layers of the world of adult entertainment.

Over a thousand camming-industry participants were present at SLS South Beach hotel in Miami, Florida, networking and in doing so, furthering an industry that continues to every year worldwide.

Camming is believed to generate about $1 billion a year in business, and analysts in the adult entertainment industry speculate that, when it comes to the biggest money maker in the business (porn), the torch could be passed to a new champion.

The End Of Porn?

The technology involved in camming alone is blowing traditional pornography out of the water.

Porn printed on paper and mass produced via printing presses is the 20th-century breakthrough that revolutionized the industry and powered it, but it was when the internet came about that made it easier to access than ever before. Conventional camming itself is evolving. Virtual-reality camming, in which cameras are set up to give the viewer a 360-degree, 3-D view of the action, are the next step and already happening.

The age of virtual sex is here but it is just beginning. Today Cam Con in Miami Beach. Tomorrow Virtual-Reality Cam Con in cyberspace.

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A Virtual Sex Suit And A New Sex Robot

scarlett johansson sex robot
Now that summer is here looking back on the Spring of 2016 can reveal the leaps and bounds in VR sex technology that have been made by both companies and DIY’ers as well…

A Hong Kong born man made the news with his life-like (in size as well as appearance) Scarlett Johansson robot. Is it a sex robot though?

The creator, Ricky Ma from Hong Kong, did not answer however he did show how his robot has some basic A.I. with the ability to respond to verbal commands with various facial expressions (which Ma explains was the most difficult part of creating the robot). Ma spent more than $50,000 and a year and a half creating the female robot prototype, which he calls Mark 1.

Along with a DIY from Hong Kong, Tenga has made a bit of a milestone in VR sex tech. Tenga has been in the news over VR sex technology before and they are back with something truly on the next level of VR sex tech:

The Full Body Virtual Interface sends impulses all over the wearer’s body to mimic the sensation of another human being touching them. It is Tenga’s latest and greatest in VR sex tech that is full body and fully immersive.

Another answer to those who seek true interactive sex tech.

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BangFit: PornHub’s Sex Game Will Get You In Shape

BangFit might be PornHub’s finest creation yet. BangFit is a sex game that has a very specific goal (and it’s not to get you off).

BangFit’s purpose is to get people in shape. However, it is not with conventional excersising. This game’s excersise is based around sex acts. It’s aimed at individuals and couples who just don’t have the time to hit the gym so a series of excersises have been created around vey specific sex acts that work various parts of a person’s body, thus helping them lose weight in the process.

PornHub swears by the game insisting that, as a sex game, it’s mildy amusing, but, as an excersise app, it is highly effective.

“BangFit syncs avatars straight from the 1980s and very NSFW pornography footage between users’ computers and mobiles using a given code, with points being awarded for how close people can replicate the ‘sexercises’ shown on their screens.” -PornHub

Although still in beta, PornHub promises that BangFit will be eventually fit for the general public who want to get in shape.

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The First Sex Toy Connected To Your Erotic Readings

The new “Little Bird” dildo is a new form of sex tech. Something that offers a refreshing change on the teledildonics scene. Instead of a sex toy connected to a virtual sex simulation of some kind such as a virtual porn game, this one connects to an ebook.

Little Bird syncs with erotic stories on an e-reader, meaning you can read your erotica while enjoying it on a whole new level thanks to BlueTooth technology.

Throughout the text, play with words and your smartphone. A simple shake of your device, a caress, a blow on the screen to reveal the text will trigger the toy vibrations in accordance with the story. The toy is for women. That alone is different as most teledildonics devices are aimed at men who are looking to get the most realistic experience from VR porn. It has already received the “Innovation award” at an international electronic fair in Las Vegas.

“This product answers to three big trends in the market: the boom of smart devices, the explosion of erotic literature and the development of a more democratic erotic market,”
the commercial director of B-Sensory (the company behind the device), Franck Cabot, said.

This device creates a whole new dynamic to erotic literature, putting it on the same level as a VR porn game without the high-polygon count graphical interface.

The brand aims to target 400,000 French and English readers in the next three years.

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Playstation VR Porn Game?

Playstation VR Porn Game On The Way...

Something mainstream game companies who focus on gaming consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc) have stayed away from the adult gaming circuit, strengthening the image of a “family friendly gaming.”

Right, because games like GTA 5 don’t have cop killing and prostitute fucking…:/

The porn gaming stigmata has always been there, keeping the genre on PCs for the most part. However, that might all change soon if a recent rumor about Playstation’s VR gaming developments holds any water.

Playstation VR claims they have a big announcement that they will be making at the upcoming E3 2016. A porn company has also rented out a booth at the popular convention. Coincidence? Most are saying “no.”

There is no denying that VR gaming’s biggest money make might just lie in the adult gaming sector. With the huge influx of violent video games that are definitely not for young kids, it might not be THAT big of deal anymore for mainstream gaming companies to start publishing porn games. With proper ID checks to make sure the buyer is of legal age something like this could be perfectly acceptable.

E3 is scheduled to run from June 14 to June 16. We will have to wait what Playstation unveils until then.

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Fan Made Overwatch Porn: Blizzard Is Not A Fan

Tracer Showing Off Her Nice Tits

As soon as some form of entertainment media gets insanely popular rule 34 get “invoked” by someone somewhere. Rule 34 states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject.

Overwatch is no different and, because of it’s popularity among MMO gamers, has exploded in the form of various fan made porn videos, pictures, and stories. Now, in all fairness, this has happened before many times with many games but what is interesting in the case of Overwatch is how FAST it has happened.

During the beta (a “testing” phase before the game is available to everyone) searches for the term “Overwatch porn” rose 800%, according to a release from Pornhub, with Tracer being the most searched character. “Porn-izing” characters from games has been happening for a long time now so, although this is nothing new, the backlash, however, most certainly is.

Doggystyle Tracer Sex

Blizzard has made it quite clear they DON’T want this kind of publicity for their game.

The “salt in the wound” in this situation is the fact that a lot of this porn being made is made in in Valve’s Source Filmmaker kit. The porn creators are ripping the assets straight out of a game, essentially creating porn out of “stolen” character models. Blizzard is not taking this lying down, however (like their Overwatch characters are :D).

Irdeto, a digital platform security company, was hired by Blizzard to go after the porn creators with copyright notices left and right, making several porn sites take down the content.

Of course, the popularity of the subject combined with the Internet makes it quite difficult for a company to always get what they want. Porn isn’t going away any time soon and neither is video game character porn.

Here are some of the more popular Overwatch porn videos floating around the net (courtesy of pornhub):

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Tap That: The Sex-Ed Virtual Sex Game

Sex Ed Game That Helps People Learn About And Prevent STIs

Peiying Feng is 25-year-old design and technology student that has developed a pretty interesting app. The app ‘Tap That’ was developed for the purpose of teaching young people about safe sex in a way that’s deliverd in the form of a virtual sex (or dating) game. The app features a variety of characters manuevering multiple sexual relationships while trying their best to dodge sexually-transmitted infections STIs.

One infected with a STI, the players character has to use on-screen cues along with various information to diagnose and treat said the STI. From there, you can also use virtual condoms to prevent the infection from spreading to other characters.

“I don’t even want teen players to think about the fact that it’s educational, unless it’s an excuse for your parents to let you play more games,” Feng said.

It’s always an added benefit if a virtual sex or dating game can be educational and can actually help people live healthier, happy lives.

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