FMV Porn Gaming: Retro Adult Gaming Revisited (Part 2)

Hardcore Sex Full Motion Video Game

Welcome to part 2 of FMV porn gaming where we pick up where we left off with FMV porn gaming last time.

The following is all that is known about these games, with a few scant pics here and there just to let the adult retro gaming community know what use to be out there when FMV was hot…

Blonde Justice

FMV Sex Gaming

Platform: Panasonic 3DO

Developer: Vivid Interactive

Publisher: Vivid Interactive

Release Date: 1994

The plot is strongest in this one out of all the ones listed. It’s about a blonde stripper who keeps receiving death threats. A fellow stripper (who is also the sex friend) convinces her to the police about these threats. A single woman police officer, also blonde, is put in charge of solving the case.

The blonde stripper, of course, ends up also having hot sex with the blonde police officer while she investigates. The hot blonde police officer suspects a hood named Snake and so the story unfolds.


Vampire Sex Game From 90s

Platform: Panasonic 3DO

Developer: Vivid Interactive

Publisher: Vivid Interactive

Release Date: 1995

The plot is a little easier to understand but thin and overall the game is pretty much just movies., but still loses me by the second half of the final movie. From what I picked up though, it has something to do with a brunette porn actress and her boyfriend. No real gameplay here. It’s all about selecting chapters to watch.

Immortal Desire

Erotic Sex Game FMV

Platform: Panasonic 3DO

Developer: Vivid Interactive

Publisher: Vivid Interactive

Release Date: 1994

It takes place in 1692 with two lovers, Anna of Gables and Gabriel, who intend to love one another forever. The game has a fantasy theme complete with a sorceress, who happens to be the only black woman in any of the Vivid Interactive games. A lot of jumping around in locale and time with this one. Of the places you can visit (besides the starting 1692 date) are 1993 Los Angeles and France in 1914. The sex scenes are light in this one.

Love Bites

sexy fmv

Platform: Panasonic 3DO

Developer: Vivid Interactive

Publisher: Vivid Interactive

Release Date: 1995

Vampires and strippers. More horror than sex. The least is known about this one.



Platform: Panasonic 3DO

Developer: Vivid Interactive

Publisher: Vivid Interactive

Release Date: 1995

The protagonist of this one is a nerd who has an obsession with his secretary. Several big titty blonde girls in this one. girl on girl romps are plentiful as well.

Supermodels Go Wild

(sorry, :( no pic found)

Platform: Panasonic 3DO

Developer: Vivid Interactive

Publisher: Vivid Interactive

Release Date: 1994

I’ll keep it simple since this is the least interesting *ahem* this is the one WITHOUT sex.

The Coven

Sex Game FMV

Platform: Panasonic 3DO

Developer: Vivid Interactive

Publisher: Vivid Interactive

Release Date: 1994

The plot is up there with Blonde Justice in volume. Big titty witches doing magic and fucking each other and stuff. The Witches of Breastwick kind of remind me of it.

Virtual Vivid Sampler

(sorry, :( no pic found)

Platform: Panasonic 3DO

Developer: Vivid Interactive

Publisher: Vivid Interactive

Release Date: 1994

Clips cut together of Vivid Interactive’s lastest and greatest. That’s it.

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Braces Porn?

Big Tit Girl Smiling With New Braces

It is the question I asked when I was surfing the net the other day and came across this article on hot, famous actresses who wear braces and got to thinking: “Gee, I wonder if naked girls with braces is a ‘thing’.” I obviously wasn’t thinking about rule 34 at the time (Rule #34 states that if it exists online then porn can be made out of it)

Naked Red Head Girl Wearing Braces

Braces porn has been out for a while now and the idea is simple: Hot girl solo or engaged in a sex act while her braces are show on camera at the same time (blowjob pics seem to work well with this)

Huge Tits Braces

When did braces porn start? Who knows but it seems to have grown in popularity these last few years and Google has indexed more and more braces porn in these last 2 years specifically.

Colored Band Braces Asian Girl Blowjob

Big Titty Hispanic Milf

Spanish Booty

Normally, medical fetishes of any kind don’t really do it for me but these girls look kinda hot with their mouthgear! 😀

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Chathouse 3D Version 1.5 Released

adult mmo sex game online graphics updgrade

ThriXXX’s online sex adult dating game has just gotten a MAJOR upgrade. It looks better and plays better with the following 6 additions:
Chathouse 3D 1.5 features:

1. Graphics and lighting effects greatly enhanced for more realistic surfaces, shadows and ambience

2. Refactoring of most textures for more details and enhanced appearance bringing realism to an all time high in adult gaming.

3. Guided Tutorials and interactive explanations for game functionality and lobby settings.

4. Access to the items shop directly in the game for quicker and easier purchase of game additions.

5. Many clothes available in 36 new fashionable colors.

6. Some important functionality for easier adding of new content added such as for items etc. increasing the time that the in-game shop fills up.

cgi tits

ThriXXX has had a strong presence in the adult gaming community for the last couple of years. This enhancement is proof that they intend to keep going with another strong year well into 2016. Click here to try Chathouse 3D for free.

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FMV Porn Gaming: Retro Adult Gaming Revisited (Part 1)

low resolution porn full motion video menu screen

3DO porn is something that many have not heard, most likely. In the mid 90’s FMV (full motion video) games took off in part due to mega-companies like Sega unleashing consoles based on FMV technology (Sega CD/Sega Saturn).

Porn-publisher-turned-game-developer, Vivid Interactive, launched the FMV porn game “movement” for the Panasonic 3DO between 1994 and 1995. There are a number of pornos that Vivid Interactive meant to convert into games but never never did for various reasons.

Boob Quest

The following is the complete list of unreleased Vivid Interactive games:

American Blonde

Voices in My Bed


Hot Roxx

Winner Takes All

Intimate Journey

Steamy Windows

Channel Blonde

Naked Reunion

There isn’t much on these titles but what is known has been compiled here, in 2 parts. Part 2 coming soon…

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French Production House Launching 3D Virtual Porn

virtual headset like oculus rift can be used for virtual reality porn sex adventures

Marcel Dorcel, the French producer of pornographic films, is moving towards the virtual reality market for porn.

This month, the company presents its first “experience” to watch a porn movie in 3D and 360 ° via headphones. Specifically, the viewer is fully immersed in a sequence (erotic or pornographic). Upon roatating one’s head to the left, the image follows to the left, looking up and the image goes up, etc.

Grégory Dorcel, CEO and son of company founder, Marc Dorcel, had the following to say (translated from French):

“We wanted to immerse the viewer into reality. So we worked on real images to create a universe with real staging in which it is possible to walk. We have also added 3D for images to appear in three dimensions, accentuating immersion. Upon donning headphones, the viewer gets lost between reality and virtual reality. For the longest time movies show a future where it will be possible to live fantastical experiences. Today, it is possible.”

More to come when Marc Dorcel’s virtual reality porn experience is finally released to the public.

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Most Popular VirtuaGirl of 2015: Viola

Virtual Stripper Viola Exclusive Sexy Dance And Sex Performance Sets Available For Download For Free

It looks like the days of Little Caprice being the reigning champion have come to a close.

This year Viola remains unbeatable after weeks and weeks at the first place of our podium, even after fifteen 4K shows released!

Her secret? Big titties and a little face of capricious girl (a trait that Little Caprice exemplified)

Make sure you check out all her content!

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Retro Gaming Girls: Andrea

cute blonde steering wheel

The Retro Gaming Girl series continues with this month’s sexy gaming girl: Andrea. Andrea has done some modeling work in the past and was very interested in combining her love of retro gaming with her love of modeling. Her game of choice? Retro racing games.

girl in black bra

Although there are quite a few, Out Run, F-Zero, and Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s Super Off Road are 3 that stand out as Andrea’s favorites.

titty peek

One thing about retro racing games that was introduced was the steering wheel and pedals control unit that was fitted in so many arcade racing games back in the day. It wasn’t until years later that home steering wheel units started being produced so that people could enjoy racing games as they were meant to be played in the comfort of their own home.

boobs shown on bench

Ai: “How old are you?”

Andrea: “27.”

up close boobs with tattoo

Ai: “Why retro racing games?”

Andrea: “I might have been around 7 or 8 when I first played Out Run in an arcade that was next to my house. I was standing on a chair playing it and my friend was working the pedals. Since the arcade was so close, I ended up playing a lot.” (laughs)

topless girl with steering wheel game controller

Ai: “What were your thoughts at the time”

Andrea: “This is AWESOME. I never played many video games as a kid but when I played my first racer I always thought it was so different having the steering wheel and everything.”

skinny slender dirty blonde on bench topless

Ai: “Out Run came out in the late 80’s. What about new racing games?”

Andrea: “They had newer games at the arcade but I like the simplicity of classic games. Plus, the graphics are so cute.” (laughs)

hot girl with tattoo nude

Ai: “Besides Out Run, what other racing games do you like?”

Andrea: “F-Zero, and Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s Super Off Road.”

big titty blonde skinny slender nude

Ai: “How does a home steering wheel unit compare to an arcade one?”

Andrea: “Not the same but it is still nice that I can play these games at home in the way they were meant to be played.”

smiling topless blonde with nice rack

Ai: “It seems like racers are one of the least popular genre of games. How do you feel about that?

Andrea: “Whatever floats your boat. I am not into all that shooting and gore stuff.”

topless skinny dirty blonde

Ai: “Now that arcades aren’t really popular anymore do you find yourself missing them?”

Andrea: “YES. The arcade was such a memorable place for me that I actually get nostalgic when I see an arcade machine in the corner of a restaraunt or store. It takes me back to a happier time.”

bare titties out in the sun

Ai: “Still playing Out Run these days?”

Andrea: “Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time like I used to so, no.”

skinny nude blonde topless in underwear on bench

Ai: “What if another Out Run came out for a current gen system today?”

Andrea: “If it’s not the original then forget it. Not interested” (laughs)

slender nude blonde topless on park bench

After wrapping up the interview Andrea did mention that one day she might buy the original Out Run arcade unit if she can find one for a good price.

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Conan O’Brien On The History Of Sex Robots

On a lighter note, Popular late night talk show host Conan O’Brien put together a humorous video on the history of sex robots featuring some pretty interesting creations. O’Brien explains the video is in response to the current popular belief that sex with robots will be possible in 50 years (Although, some believe it will be even sooner).

The video pokes fun at early inventors and the mishaps they endured that often lead to injury and even death in some cases. In reality, probably no one would want to have sex with these robots, but at the same time, 50 years from now people will probably look back in horror at some of the sex contraptions people used that are quite popular now.

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Retro Gaming Girls: Amber

hot young girl gamer

Last month it was Betty Jaded with her Neo Geo. This month Amber makes her retro gaming girl debut with her favorite game system of all time: Game Boy Color. Amber is a newcomer to the erotic modeling scene in general and when first asked if she would pose with her lime green game boy color she jumped at the request.

brunette retro gamer sexy

The Game Boy Color was released in 1998. It is the successor of the Game Boy.

titty peek

The biggest upgrade was the addition of a color screen. It is slightly thicker and taller than the Game Boy Light, which is a redesigned Game Boy released in 1998. It has an 8-bit processor and the custom Zilog Z80 CPU.

flashing young titties

Ai: “You seem kind of young to be interested in Game Boy Color.”

Amber: “My older brother turned me on to game boy when I was younger. When I got my first job one of the things that I always wanted was my own game boy but by then game boy color was not only out but was out for a while. I picked up one ASAP.”

nude girl playing gbc on the bench

Ai: “Favorite game?”

Amber: “Donkey Kong Country. It was given to me by a friend…but then I lost it when I moved (sad face). Haven’t been able to play since.”

hot girl posing

Ai: “Is that why there is no game cartridge in the game boy when you were posing with it?”

Amber: (laughs) “Yes! I felt so stupid holding it without a game in it but I honestly haven’t played it in a while so I guess it’s no big deal.”

girl gamer

Ai: “What do you think about other newer portable consoles like the Nintendo DS?”

Amber: “Not interested in newer games. All they do is improve the graphics but the originality really peaked a long time ago.”

hot girl nude playing portable game

Ai: “Hmmmm…How old are you anyway?”

Amber: “22.”

nude girl gaming

Ai: “Really. So young to be interested in retro games.”

Amber: “Well honestly, I’m not much of a gamer. I just like Game Boy because I thought the it was cute. Then I started playing it and it was a good time waster when I was waiting somewhere for someone or like in the doctors office and places like that.”

nice legs

Ai: “Do you think you will get another game for it.”

Amber: “Maybe.”

small perky tits

Ai: “What if you found out that your lime colored game boy color was a collectors item and someone offered you $100 for it. Would you sell it?”

Amber: “$100? No way $500…maybe.” (laughs)

hot girl gaming

Ai: “You know old retro game systems can potential fetch high prices if the right person is interested. You might just get $500.”

Amber: “Hmmmm….then I might as well hold on to it because eventually I wil get $1000!” (laughs)

sexy nude girl

Ai: “So I take it green is your favorite color.”

Amber: “Actually, it was all they had available when I bought it. I probably would have gone red or blue if given the choice. Don’t really have a favorite color but I’m not really into green all that much.”

spread eagle girl

Ai: “Aside from you adoration of your GBC, anything else going on?”

Amber: “Not really. Looking to do more modeling and possible some acting but I’m still exploring my options.

hot topless girl lying on back playing game

After a few more laughs I promised Amber if I came across a GBC game I would let her have it.

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Sex Tech’s Next Generation Is Now

sex tech future nude android girl

The Future Of Sex Tech Is Now

A lot can happen in 30 minutes. For starters, a porn flick is made every half hour. The insatiable demand for adult entertainment never seems to die out. Although the age old practice of sex has been around since the dawn of mankind, sex has gone under the microscope and has been brought into the workshops of tech companies around the world since then.

Sex tech is the pinnacle of sex from a science and technology perspective. Recording a sex tech is, in fact, a form of sex tech so in a way the first porn movie/clip ever recorded and distributed was the birth of adult video sex tech.

Teledildonics is a newer word. It was first used in 1975 in Ted Nelson’s book Computer Lib/Dream Machines but didn’t really catch on up until the last 5-10 years. Teledildonics has been a powerful catalyst in the never ending journey of technological innovation. The innovation that comes form sex shows its face in many forms…

A recent example would be haptic technology, currently being used by adult entertainment companies, which recreates the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user. An older example? In the 1950’s prostitutes were the early adopters of the answer machine for better client management, after all, in that line of work a new client can call anytime.

oculus rift virtual sex

The Oculus Rift’s Release Will Be A Milestone In The History Of Sex Tech

Sex tech isn’t just a buzzword or a fad. It is very real and, in it’s current amount of use, is a keyhole viewpoint to the future of sex. A survey conducted by the Center for Generational Kinetics and Wearables found that a quarter of millennials were utilizing wearable technology during sex.

Despite all manner of new sex tech, the vibrating dildo is still number one in the eyes of the general consumer market. 18% of all sex tech purchases are one, after all.

3D printing has put a new spin on sex tech for the DIY crowd. is a website offering all types of free sex toy designs for downloading. Yes, printable dildos are here.

Then there is the Oculus Rift. The first true harbinger of virtual sex in the comfort of one’s own living room at reasonable price (around $350). Although not available to the public yet (slated for a Q1 2016 release date), the Oculus Rift is shaping up to be a forerunner in the world of VR sex with 3rd party software companies already working on a plethora of adult entertainment titles for the wearable VR machine.

Talking about the “future of sex tech” at this point is a tad unnecessary because, quite frankly, sex tech’s future sits on the edge of the present.

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