Sex Games For PC: Tech Spec Requirements

High End CGI Porn Graphics

A Powerful Graphics Card Isn’t Worth Much Without The Right CPU Backing It Up

If you want a realistic PC sex game then you need a top-level performance machine that can handle graphic-intensive games without a problem. This is where the “realism” truly comes into play when it comes to sex games: Visual performance.

Highly Detailed Rendered Skin For A PC Sex Game

3D Modeling Of CGI Females Requires A Lot Of Power But To Put Them In 1080p Gaming The CPU Requirements Are Quite High

Gaming PCs are usually geared up to be able to run games with realistic graphics mimicking things like skin, hair, and clothing.

one of the most graphically demanding pc sex games

Future.Love.Space.Machine A Visually Stunning PC Sex Game That Requires A Powerful PC

A PC’s power is especially important when it comes to MMO games. Navigating through huge worlds populated by other players such as in the case with ThriXXX’s 3D Sex Villa 2. 3D Sex Villa 2 requires a certain amount of graphically capability as is but being an MMO increases this requirement.

MMO sex games require more power typically than their offline counterparts

With MMO Sex Games Like Venus Rising That Can Be Played In 1080p PC Requirements Only Continue To Go Up

Without the right specs players typically experience low FPS, or frames per second (the rate at which an imaging device displays consecutive images called frame). In other words, a game will run slow because the PC can’t keep up with the graphic output (graphics appearing on screen) required.

advanced computers for advanced sex games

Alienware Specializes In Gaming PCs. Anyone Who Wants To Do Some Modern Sex Gaming Should Consider One.

Then there is Future.Love.Space.Machine which is probably the most visually impressive PC sex game on the market today. The minimum requirements aren’t exactly low end: 2.4GHz Pentium 4, 1.8GHz Dual Core or better 2GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 5800, ATI Radeon 9800Pro, 1GB Video RAM.

high graphics sex game

Advanced PC Sex Games Require Advanced PCs With The Right CPU And Graphics Card

It’s estimated that a suitable machine that will play today’s PC sex games costs $1000 and up with graphics cards alone being around $200. Today’s typical gaming PC contains an i7 CPU and a graphics card on par with a GTX 960 or R9 280X. This is considered mid-range and will work quite nicely with graphically demanding sex games for PCs today.

Mapping And Rending Models Brings Out A Lot Of The Quality Realism In Sex Games

Skin And Hair Texture Is Where A Lot Of The Realism That Requires Higher End PC Hardware Comes From

For those thinking about getting into computer sex gaming make sure you have the right rig setup before you get the game otherwise you may not be getting the full potential from the software.

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20 Famous Porn Star GIFs

Haven’t added a sex GIF entry in awhile so here are 20 famous porn star GIFs in no particular order…

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Jenna Jameson Bouncing On Cock

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Kendra Lust Standing Sex From The Back

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Linda Lovelace Happy 4th Deep Throat

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Lisa Ann Gets Thumb In Asshole Surprise

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Skin Diamond Blowjob

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Sunny Leone Titty Bounce Hump

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Traci Lords Riding Dick

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Tera Patrick Boob Grope And Bounce

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Tori Black Sucks Off A Cock

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Adult FriendFinder Hacked: Almost 4 Million Users’ Info Leaked

be careful putting your info into adult dating sites

Adult Friend Finder Had A Major Security Leak Last Month

The popular adult dating site Adult FriendFinder was the victim of a nasty hacker last month after he/she (most likely a he) created a severe securtiy breach that led to stolen data that reveals a plethora of information about the users.

Things like the sexual preferences of users and whether or not they are seeking extramarital affairs have been leaked. Other personal bits of information like birth dates, email addresses, usernames, postal codes IP addresses have all been revealed.

Out of every thing revealed, the ratio of men to women is probably the biggest dirty secret that Adult FriendFinder probably wanted to keep secret…

Men out number women 16 to 1, making for some pretty bad odds for guys looking to score some pussy on AFF (Adult FriendFinder). This information would no doubt hurt AFF’s customer acquisition as any guy who sees those numbers may be turned off from joining the world’s largest adult dating site.

Here is what a spokesperson for AFF had to say about the incident:

“We cannot speculate further about this issue, but rest assured, we pledge to take the appropriate steps needed to protect our customers if they are affected.”

For now, it may be best to stick to the free adult dating sites and enter in as little detail as possible so that all personal info will still remain personal 😉

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4K Porn Coming To Oculus Rift

4K Porn ON Virtual Headsets

Get Ready For Ultra HD Porn On The Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey recently opened up about 4K porn on the Oculus Rift. The real question he responded too was where the OR’s creator stood on the subject of allowing VR porn software to be used with their VR headset.

In short, their will be VR porn on the Rift simply because it is an open source platform, meaning open to developers wanting to create anything they want for the Rift.

“The Rift is an open platform,” he said. “We don’t control what software can run on it, and that’s a big deal.”

This pretty much answers a question a lot of horny bastards had on their mind as of late 😀 😀 😀

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3D Porn Star Printing

3D Printed Porn Stars Hand Painted

3D printers have had quite a lot of buzz for the last few years. Milestones in the “3D print movement” include things like printing model cars, guitars, and even fully functional guns.

adult film stars printed from a three dimensional printer

So why not porn stars? has done just that with their lineup of sexy famous pornstars in 3D print format.

Even Signature Clothing Is Incorporated Into The XXX Adult Entertainment Print Models

The list of available porn stars is quite extensive: Bonnie Rotten, Jessica Drake, Josy Black, Julia Pink, Lara de Santis, Maria Mia, Micaela Schafer, Natalie Hot, Roberta Gemma, Texas Patti, Pam Kiss, PussyKat, Paula Rowe, etc. with new stars being added to the lineup regularly and multiple versions of the same star being produced in different poses and clothing.

3D Printed Black Girl Nude

Each Piece Comes With A Certificate of Authenticity and Care and Safety Instructions.

The pieces are not cheap ranging from around $50 -$100 depending on the model and size, as some pieces are rarer than others.

Every piece is hand made. To see the production process in action check the videos below…

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RealDolls Talking Sex Doll

Realdolls Have Become More Realistic Over The Years As The Design Elements Continue To Be Improved Upon

Realdolls Have Become More Realistic Over The Years As The Design Elements Continue To Be Improved Upon

Sex tech only moves foward as technology is in a constant state of “needing to be improved up” just like any form of technology for that matter. The creators of all the different kind of sex tech all have one thing in mind: How can this be made better?

 The New Harmony Model Can Talk And Will Be The Foundation For RealDoll AI

The New Harmony Model Can Talk And Will Be The Foundation For RealDoll AI

“Better” in the case RealDolls implies more realistic.

Matt McMullen, the inventor of RealDoll, recently told the New York Times he’s currently working on RealDoll that will have more human-like movements and even audible responses. The dolls name is “Harmony” and it is considered the next evolution of RealDoll technology.

“The hope is to create something that will actually arouse someone on an emotional, intellectual level beyond the physical,” McMullen said.

“Realbotix” is what the project is being dubbed and a team of robotic engineers from Hanson Robotics is the brains behind it. They are credited with creating the conversational, expression-reading humanoid named Han that came out last April.

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Sex Toy Vending Machines Now Available In America

A Sex Toy Vending Machine In The USA?...Japan, Eat Your Heart Out

A Sex Toy Vending Machine In The USA?…Japan, Eat Your Heart Out

In a move that is something akin to Japanese adult entertainment culture, Philadelphia has gotten it’s first fully functional sex toy vending machine. is the creator and distributor of these sex toy vending machines and has generated quite a buzz for itself with the recent launch.
Recently NBC10 news interviewed Dr. Timaree Schmit, a sexuality educator and chief communications officer for PinkBox.

The full interview is available on NB10’s website.

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New Miley Cyrus Nude Pics…Again

Miley Cyrus Bare Boobs

Miley is up to it again with a new nude collection of herself that demonstrates a certain artistic flair. The Happy Hippie Foundation is a philanthropic venture created to raise funds and awareness for all homeless and LGBT youth.

Miley Cyrus Purple Bush

Of course, her sexuality is the main “weapon” her to get people interested in these issues. Miley has her tits all out and poses in various expressive positions. What’s she showing next? Bush? Quite possibly…

Miley Cyrus Painted Tits

Of course a Miley Cyrus pussy shot is probably considered a 50/50 chance at this point with how Miley has been up until now with her sexuality.

Miley Standing Nude

“I was doing a show two nights ago, and I was wearing butterfly nipple pasties and butterfly wings. I’m standing there with my tits out, dressed like a butterfly. How the fuck is that fair? How am I so lucky?”

Small Greasy Miley Tits

Although her cause is admirable, Miley still manages to say WTF type shit…

For the rest of the pictures and to read more about Miley’s venture click here.

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The Witcher 3: Nude Pics

A Bag Of Gold For Fair Eleven Pussy...

A Bag Of Gold For Fair Eleven Pussy…

The Witcher 3 was recently released and has been praised high and low by a multitude of video game critics. Graphically, it is a work of art with some of the realest CGI rendering ever seen in a game.

The Women Are Rendered Beautifully Bringing A Very Realistic Light To The Sex In Witcher 3

The Women Are Rendered Beautifully Bringing A Very Realistic Light To The Sex In Witcher 3

Things like hair and human skin are very difficult to pull off for CGI artists and Witcher 3 stands to be a modern benchmark for all CGI artists everywhere.

Nice CGI Ass

What also stands out about the Witcher 3 is the sex and nudity. There is a lot and for a mainstream game that is available on multiple platforms it is a rare thing.
Again, the skill of the CGI artists involves shines during these scenes…

The Actual CGI Sex Commences

The Actual CGI Sex Commences

Sex in mainstream video games has been “light” at best but it seem W3 is really going for that “adult RPG” edge as it contains more nudity and sex than pretty much all mainstream games out there (well, maybe not nudity, but definitely sex) putting it well ahead of the curve for adult-oriented games.

Aside From Head Swaps The Sex Scenes Are All Identical...A Little Disapointing

Aside From Head Swaps The Sex Scenes Are All Identical…A Little Disapointing

The faces have a particular realism to them. From the eyes to the little imperfections a human face may hold, painstaking detail is ever present. The breasts are no different. Highly detailed areolas and nipples are titillating to say the least (yes, pun intended).

Gore And Eroticism Are A Big Part Of The Witcher 3

Gore And Eroticism Are A Big Part Of The Witcher 3

If anything, it is remarkable to see how graphic-based technology continues to improve offering a materialized sexy fantasy before your very eyes…

CGI Titty Flash

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Porn Shoot? Grab Your Goggles…

This Porn Is Now Legal

Pornographic actors and actresses in California might need more protection that just a rubber. The state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) would require adult film actors to don some protective eye-wear for multiple scenes for the purpose of health and hygiene. With these rules in place porn will surely die out (something many people would love to see happen).

“These are regulations designed for medical settings, and are unworkable on an adult film set — or even a Hollywood film set,” said Diane Duke, CEO of the Free Speech Coalition, a trade association for the adult entertainment industry.

Really, all this is doing is running the risk of crippling or even shutting down porn production companies.

Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare, is largely responsible for the rules being pushed. Weinstein has gone after the porn industry for hygiene related health issues such as “condom dodging.”

With Current health regulations require porn stars across California to use condoms, but does anyone get in trouble when condoms aren’t used? Never.

“This is really about worker protection, and what the Cal/OSHA Standards Board is for,” Weinstein said during a public hearing last week.

Now, if this safety goggle shit goes into effect AND is enforced…


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