Topless Retro Gaming Girls: Jinx

Jinx holding her atari flashback

The Atari Flashback was released in 2004.  Similar to the Atari 7800 in appearance, it came with a pair of controllers which, again, borrowed from the design of the Atari 7800, but bit smaller.

Sexy retro gamer ebony titty flash

The system had twenty games built-in. The games were originally developed by Warner Communication’s Atari Inc. and Atari Corp. for the 2600 and 7800 game systems.

Topless gamer girl pondering the next retro atari game she will play

The games which originally required analog paddle controllers were made to work with the included joysticks.  This made things easier in general.

Sexy Jinx about to play atari

It was designed by legendary Atari veteran Curt Vendel himself, whose company Syzygy Co. (formerly Legacy Engineering Group) designs other home video game and video arcade products.  After all these years Curt is “still in the game!”

What's my favorite atari game...Front Line Why...The action of course

Atari Inc. gave Syzygy Co. ten weeks to design the product (a tight schedule at the time), produce its games, and make everything ready for the 2004 Winter holidays.

Jinx is a Minx

Based on NES-on-a-chip hardware, the Atari Flashback was not resembling either of the Atari systems which the Flashback was supposed to represent (this was solved with the Flashback 2).

Lookin sexy Jinx

As a result, the games it contained were ports and differed in varying degrees from the original games, and therefore the Flashback was unpopular with some purists.  Some of the differences included color palette swaps, character size dimension changes, and font changes.

I love to play my atari flashback in the nude

Either way, there is no denying that the Atari Flashback is a hit amongst older gamers who want to relive the nostalgia of their gaming days or younger gamers who want to get a taste of the age of gaming that started it all.

Jinx is always looking for a new friend to play with

Jinx is always looking for a new friend to play with ;)

Atari Flashback





Dedicated Hardware


Third generation hardware

Retail availability



Atari Jaguar


Atari Flashback 2-6



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iStripper: The Next Evolution of Virtual Strippers

iStripper is officially out and for fans of desktop strippers it is the next logical choice. The company behind this sexy software gem is the same team that brought us VirtuaGirl and Deskbabes. iStripper is sleaker, cleaner, faster, and sexier with more girls than ever before.

4K Virtual Strippers from iStripper

Download iStripper now and enjoy more than 2,000 full length completely nude shows performed by 500+ of the finest performers, including professional dancers and famous pornstars like Valentina Nappi, Skin Diamond, Ariana Marie and so many more!

Nude Strippers On Your Computer Screen

UHD 4K content is the new standard for virtual strippers and iStripper utilizes the technology to the fullest. Each iStripper show is filmed in UHD 4K and provided with a resolution of 720p, 1080p and 4K which guarantees you the best quality for your device. No spyware, malware, viruses or anything of the sort. iStripper software is clean and

Immersive Strip Club experience

With iStripper every moment of inactivity takes you one second closer to watching an impromptu show starring the sexiest women.

Guaranteed to find a stipper that suits your tastes

With some of the biggest gentlemen clubs’ decors, and an amazing FullScreen functionality to turn your desktop screen into a real stripclub environment, iStripper is not only the next evolution of digital strippers but also the next step in achieving a full immersive strip club experience right in the comfort of one’s own living space, right on their computer screen.

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Hi-Tech Topless Vape Girls: Betty Jaded

Betty Looking Intense About Vaping

The last time I saw Betty she was showing off her NEO-GEO but this time she has some cool vape tech she is promoting. So I present to you the first installment of “Hi-Tech Topless Vape Girls.”

Hot Sexy Girl With Nice Rack Showing Vaporizer

Hempire State Smoke Shop in upsate New York is doing a sexy “adult only” vape promo and the owner was kind enough to send some photos my way…

Boost Vaporizers Are A Fast Way To Vape

But to those out there that don’t know what a vaporizer, or “vape”, allow me to explain…

Sexy Boobs Vape

A vaporizer is pretty much an electrically powered device used to vaporize the active ingredients of plant material such as tobacco or other herbs or blends so that they can be inhaled.

Hot Tits With A Hot Vape

Some of these herbs and blends are natural aphrodisiacs that heighten sexual stimulation and pleasure. Basically, vaping can lead to great sex 😀 Flavors like Dinysus’ Aphrodisiac and Aprodite’s Affair are especially sexy.

Topless Girl with Portable Vaporizers Are Good For Those Who Vape on The Go

Aside from the “sexiness” of vaping there are also health benefits in the form of non-toxic vape by-products compared to the harmful effects of tobacco (carcinogens) in fact, many people use vaping as a way to quit smoking.

The Glass Tube For The Vacuum Kit

The extraction chamber is key and there are various types. Betty’s choice has always been portable vapes because they are convenient but there are several more variations out there. A vaporizer extraction chamber can be made out of such materials as glass or metal and the types include straight bore, venturi or sequential venturi.

Topless Girl Showing off Vacuum Chamber Kit for Degassing Urethane, Silicone and essential oils

The variety of vape brands out there is extensive as well as the “juice” (eliquid) that goes along with them.

Star Wars Pipes And Enail Rigs for Dabs

It is clear that girls like Betty are taking up vaping and loving every minute of it!

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2016 Guide To Online Sex Games

Playing a sex game online in a virtual space will require the right hardware

When it comes to playing a sex game online different players look at different aspects of the game to see if it’s worth their time and in some cases money.

Lot’s of talk about VR technology has opened up new channels in the adult gaming community. However, cost is not low. The setup needed for the Oculus rift alone will run someone $1500 easily:

Oculus Rift

⦁ Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or better.
⦁ CPU: Intel Core i5 4590 or greater.
⦁ RAM: 8GB or more.
⦁ Video port: HDMI 1.3.
⦁ USB port: 2 USB 3.0 ports.
⦁ Windows 7 SP1 or newer.

So, without the VR edge, the cost of adult gaming drops dramatically but socializing and experiencing fantastic erotic worlds online is still possible through adult MMOs. 3D Sex Villa 2 is still the leading adult MMO currently but if cost is a problem then sex games online are plentiful.

Many free virtual sex games have been developed in flash and can be played on most web browsers.

Virtual Sex Games Playing In Cyber Space Makes Sex Games Online Better


Gameplay is the ultimate crux in porn games, adult games, and any other game that’s main objective is sex in some, shape, way or form. In short, a single player sex game has to be cutting edge or it’s tossed to the side like garbage. Adding unique gameplay to sex games have always been a challenge to developers.

Virtual Sex Fantasy MMO


Playing a sex game online is best done through a Sex MMO. The interaction with other real life players’ avatars will add another layer of playability and depth that first person sex games lack. In other words, first person sex games are going to get boring real fast. Another adventure of sex games in the MMO flavor is that content is update regularly. Expansion packs for single player sex adventure games rarely get released.

Online Sex Games Can Get Quite In Depth With Add On Peripherals


Finally we come to virtual sex games that use peripherals and that is usually where cost begins to skyrocket. The Oculus Rift alone requires expensive hardware. Then there is the cost of the Rift itself: $599.

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Digital Boobs vs “Fake” Boobs?

“Fake boobs because I can squeeze/lick/titty fuck/suck/****/slap them” – all dudes (in response to the titular queston above)

When the thought of “cinema special effects” comes up usually 1 of 2 things is discussed: CGI and makeup. The conversation around which is “better” is a tough one.

CGI has created a lot of effects that otherwise would have been too expensive or too time consuming to create in the physical world, thus, making CGI a clear winnner. On the other hand, CGI does not stand the test of time too well. One year’s jaw-dropping special effects is a later year’s source of amusement…in a critical and negative way in cinema. Just look at Terminator 2. When it came out everyone thought the T-1000 was AMAZING. Now? It looks cheesy.

Fake Prosthetic Boobs Worn By Katherine Ross In The Film The Stepford Wives Shows Off The Skill Of Make Up Artists Even Back Then

However, boobs will always be boobs…whether they are real OR faked through digital or physical alteration. In movies does it matter? CGI boobs are on the rise and fake boobs used in movies like the prosthetics Katharine Ross donned for her role playing an obedient sex robot in the 1975 sexy sci-fi movie The Stepford Wives?…not so much.

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Braces Porn Getting More Popular

Popularity Of Braces Porn On the Rise

A few months ago braces porn came into the spotlight on this website. Really it was just a handful of pics floating around the net of topless girls sporting braces but leave it to popular porn tube sites like to post up genuine braces porn where girls flaunt the metal in their mouth in a variety of ways. Lets just let the vids do the talking in this one…

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Handjob/Footjob Karaoke (Yes, It’s From Japan)

“Handjob Karaoke” is the latest game show creation in a land where game show originality surpasses everywhere else.

The premise is simple: Contestants have to sing a song by heart without messing up from the attractive Japanese female next to them, giving a handjob (obviously a BIG distraction). To “up the difficulty level” the girl will occasionally use her feet or lick the contestants body while jerking creating more stimulation and more of a distraction.

A Picture From The Show Most Likely Used For Promotional Purposes.  Please excuse Japans Bizarre Censorship Porn Policy.

A Picture From The Show Most Likely Used For Promotional Purposes. Please excuse Japans Bizarre Censorship Porn Policy.

At the end of the song the contestants are given a score based on how well they sung.

The show is featured on Japan’s premium adult network: adult BS Sky cable!

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Porn Groove: Audio Porn?

Porn Groove Is Porn Music

No, it’s not books on tape…for adults. It’s the genre of music that plays during the viewing of X-rated films, serving as the soundtrack. The standard instrument used with porn groove is the electric guitar accompanied with the wah-wah pedal.

Simple drumwork and “flow” are two components of the popular porno groove sound. Although, the 2000s made dirty rap the new standard for porn music, porn groove has surprisingly made a comeback and new compliation albums of old porn groove songs are now being compiled and sold online.

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80’s Video Game Teen Sex Comedy “Joysticks”

Sex and Video Games

The 80’s were a magical time in America. Arcades were all the rage and flocks of teens could be found at Arcades all throughout the US. It wasn’t long before Hollywood capitalized on this phenomenon.

The Sexy Retro Games That Don't Mind Showing Off Their Boobs

Enter “Joysticks” a 1983 “video game teen sex comedy” (the best way to describe it) and the plot is as follows:

The main character, Jefferson Bailey, is the chief protagonist with his “sidekick” McDorfus, a top video game player (and the one featured on the iconic movie poster). It’s not long before local businessman Joseph Rutter shows up with the idea of a “hostile takeover” of the arcade which basically means shutting it down. The final climax of the film is a video game duel with punker “King Vidiot.”

Plenty Of Boob In Joysticks

The plot sounds like a kid’s film, something akin to “The Wizard” but this is NO kid’s movie…

Plenty of boob shots and hints of a threesome are just a couple of examples of the raunchiness this film has. This movie is R rated and with good reason.

2 Nude Girls In Video Game Arcade

The movie, for it’s time, is pretty decent. Any movies about video games usually stink but the “teen sex comedy” genre actually meshes well with this film. It’s an electric wet dream for fans of 80’s pop culture trash. Truly a video game movie every adult video game player wishes would be remade with even more nudity and sex 😀

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An Entire Site To Animated GIFs and Pics  of Lazers Shooting Out Of Titties

No it’s not something from Austin Powers or some James Bond film, instead, is a very unique adult entertainment site, to say the least, is all about erotic flare…high energy emition type flare.

The Majority Of The Pics Are Of Retro Nude Girls With Some Cool Photoshopping done

From their website:

“For centuries the female bosom has been wrongfully held in the prison of maternal duty and manboy motor-boating. The time has come to blow the cell doors open for breasts! Howl for hooters! Get toasted by tits! Behold the blazing boobs! It’s time to get ZAPPED!!!! LAZERTITS looks into the past and changes the future one broad at a time. What will YOU say when your kids ask where you were during the revolution? Don’t burn your bra, BLAST IT!!!” –

The result of reading the above is having a vision similar to one Russ Meyer may have had (if he were a technophile).

Black and White Purple Lazers Shooting At The Floor From Nude Girl

Aside from several pics and GIFs of animated tits shooting out lazer beams, there is also a store on the site where visitors can buy “TIT-TEES” and other assorted merchandise.

Definitely one of the cooler alternative erotic sites out there.

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