New Virtual Sex Game Starring Mana Sakura and Yui Hatano

vr sex in japan game with headset

Illusion Promises To Deliver Lifelike Virtual Sex Versions Of Famous Japanese Adult Video Actresses

With Oculus Rift’s release date looking like it might be within a year, a plethora of games have come out utilizing the Rift’s functionality for the games’ virtual sex premises.

Erotic software maker Illusion recently released Playgirls, a game series that enables players to have virtual sex with various Japanese AV stars via Oculus Rift. However, the AV stars are rendered in 3D which gives them an animated look. Regardless the skin is still incredibly accurate as Naoyuki Otsuru, a producer for the company explains:

“We reproduced her skin’s texture right down to the moles.”

xxx virtual sex with J girls

The Premise For Playgirls Is Simple: Virtual Sex With AV Actresses

Yui Hatano is another AV actress featured in the Playgirl series. The series is still new but many other J-AV actresses will be implemented into the series as well as some “gaijin” (non-Japanese) porn stars as well.

Hot Nude J Girl

Players Can Have Sex With Mana Sakura Via Oculus Rift

In the Mana Sakura edition of Playgirls 17 different poses and 51 scenes, such as the beach or poolside, are available. Mana’s look can be customizable as well with an assortment of different costumes and accessories.

Real Virtual Sex With Asian Starlets

Yui Hatano Is Featured In Illusions Playgirls Virtual Sex Game Series

Hopefully, the Oculus Rift will be released next year so that next generation virtual sex games like Playgirls can be enjoyed by virtual sex enthusiasts everywhere.

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Sexting: Teens Turn To Virtual Sex Through Their Smartphones

how to sext and get laid

The world of teenage dating is a strange one in this high tech day and age of sex-charged electronic communications. “Digital courtship” is the new way teens are hooking up via smartphone.

The Typical Routine Guys Have To Engage In Virtual Sex With Girls

1. Meet a girl out at a club or bar.
a. Sleep with her that night, or
b. Get her number.

2. “Friends” girl on Facebook; Adds her to his contact list on Snapchat (A great app to send “disposable” erotic pictures for the purpose of virtual sex.

3. Attempt to gain nude pics via social media/texts.

Big Tits Sext

Snapchat Allows For Temporary Messages And Pics To Be Sent

Interesting quotes from real teens about this process:

“I actually don’t try [for actual sex] that much. I try more to get nude pics. I’ll be at home feeling pretty horny and I’ll try to get all the nudes I can while I’m doing it [masturbating],”

“I stop texting [the girl] the second I finish. I know it’s a really dickhead thing to do.”

Hardcore Sexting

Virtual Sex With Snapchat Is Enhanced

The trend of sexting (virtual sex via mobile phone with SMS capabilities) has grown significantly in recent years and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Sexting is safe in a sense that STDs and unplanned pregnancies are prevented. With a plethora of online dating tools (Tindr, Snapchat, etc.) many people end up engaging in sexting before they even knew there existed a term for the practice.

leaked nude snapchat hot blonde teen girl

Some Websites Serve As Databases For Saved Snapchats That Were Thought To Be Destroyed

In an era of online dating it is no surprise that teens are the new pioneers in the next way young people are getting it on, even if they don’t physically meet.

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Alt Sex Pioneers: SuicideGirls Aim To Mainstream

Tat Girls Who Love Tech

A SuicideGirl Is Thought Of As Rough, Dirty And Sexy To Many recently did a piece on “Alt Sex” (alternative sex) which, in short, explores the “less popular” forms of sex ranging from fetishes to the completely obscure, many of which involve technology to some extent.

SuicideGirls is an adult entertainment website unlike most. Launched on September 3, 2001 SuicideGirls featured pin-up photos and online profiles of “alternative” female models known as the “Suicide Girls.” It is the original alternative adult entertainment site.

Sexy Grunge Girl Nude

It’s Possible For Any Girl To Apply To Be An SG But Only A Few Are Chosen

This online community of girls that “choose to commit ‘social suicide’ -girls that choose not to fit in” has grown over the years and has powered the online alt sex communities through alternative erotic models; The Suicide Girls.

The Suicide Girls themselves openly display their disdain for “normal behavior” and society in general through their open sexual expression and their love of technology that has gotten a “bad rap” in the past; violent video games, sex toys, etc.

Hot Gamer Chick

That Hard Plastic Between A SG’s Legs May Be A Video Game Controller Or It May Be A High Tech Sex Toy. SG’s Love Of Tech is Apparent in Many Photo Sets.

DVDs, comics, music videos, books, video games, and a series of popular burlesque tours are just some of the ways the SuicideGirls have branched out as an adult entertainment franchise. Over the years it has become a symbol for outcast girls who wish to sexually express themselves however they feel like. It is a symbol of sexual freedom for many.

How To Become A Suicide Girl

1. Apply on the site.

2. After the application process (paperwork/submit photo set) A “hopeful account,” is created; A restricted account which allows interaction with the online Suicide community.

3. Once a set is released and reviewed and if it becomes a “set of the day,” the account “goes pink” and the status of the account holder is now an official Suicide Girl.

The real leap for the tatted-up anti-society sex vixens is the possible jump to mainstream television. VH1 has been in talks with Selena Mooney, a.k.a. Missy Suicide (co-founder of SuicideGirls) about airing a reality series documenting the Blackheart Burlesque tour.

Big Tit SG

Tats Are Not A Requirement But Favored By SG Standards

It seems like a reality TV show would be next logical step for an adult entertainment entity that has grown so visible in the general public’s eye.

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VirtuaGirl Gets 2 Major Updates

High Tech Stripper Girls In 3000 Resolution

VirtuaGirl 3K Resolution And Multigirl Update

The most popular virtual striptease/lesbian sex show software has been updated in an extreme way.

For starters, a new version of virtuagirl has been released that allows users to get up to 10 girls dancing and stripping simultaneously on their screen. These girls will appear everywhere from dancing on the taskbar to dancing on top of opened windows.

Multiple Virtual Strippers

Got 10 open windows on your desktop? Now you can have 10 different sexy girls, each doing their signature erotic dances. This “multigirl” update has really made VirtuaGirl more fun and sexy than ever before.

The second big update is a hardware update that is reflected in the girls themselves. Virtuagirl now comes in amazing 3K resolution animations. This creates a much more “real” striptease experience making it look like the girls are right there in front of the user and in the flesh.

VirtuaGirl Has Recently Upgraded To Astonishing 3K Resolution Animations

VirtuaGirl continues to strive in excellence making them a definite leader in the world of high tech adult entertainment.

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Grand Theft Auto V Now Offers First-Person Sex

Sex In The First Person View

Sex With Prostitutes In GTA V Just Got A Whole Lot Realer

Adding to the gritty, urban realism of one of the biggest selling games of all time can only enhance the gaming experience of Grand Theft Auto V. A recent update to the game has done just that.

A first-person perspective that can be used while sending text messages, engaging in killing sprees , and even while engaged in sex is now available in GTA V. A first-person perspective enhances the realism of a game that mimics the dark, urban underworld of a sprawling living, breathing city.

sex in GTA V though players eyes

1st Person Sex In Grand Theft Auto V

In previous versions, the camera pans out and only the car moving back and forth with audible moaning is displayed to the player. Receiving oral sex from a prostitute and said prostitute climbing on top of a player can be seen through the eyes of the in game characters creating a virtual sex experience of sorts.

What new sex-charged updates and expansions will be happening in the future with GTA V? It’s still too soon to speculate but as soon as they happen they will be reported here.

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Alt.Sex: The Number One Adult Usenet Newsgroup

sex directory online

The Alt Subgroup In Alt.Sex Has Been Famous For Text And Image Based Adult Entertainment For Quite Some Time

Alt.Sex (referred simply as “alt sex”) is a Usenet newsgroup that focuses on human sexual activity. As a discussion group, ideas are shared about human sexuality, but as an entertainment group, has really shined.

Sex stories are traded regularly and explicit imagery is a common theme in this very raunchy and well known newsgroup.

Hot Classic Nudie Mag

Retro Playboy Scans Can Often Be Found On Alt.Sex contains subgroups as well. For example, an entire sub-group may be dedicated to just retro playboy scans. In other words, niche specific adult entertainment.

Text and image sharing groups like Alt.Sex have been around for a while but Alt.Sex is the most famous at this point.

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Alternative sex

Sci Fi Sex

Sex With Machines Is A Focal Point Of Alternative Sex

Sex tech brings news ways for people to enjoy sex. It’s technology that fills voids where sex is the primary goal. Whether it be physical restrictions or unreal circumstances, sex technology has created a new genre: Alternative sex.

As the same suggests, alternative sex is an alternative to having sex in the traditional manner and with the traditional partner. Technology ranging in the form of simple, inanimate objects to complex machines all fall in the category of devices involved with the practice of alternative sex.

Who practices alternative sex? All kinds of people for all kinds of reasons.

Sex Tech

Alternative Sex Can Get Technologically Sophisticated

Sometimes it’s a partner that’s missing or two far away. Virtual sex games and teledildonics are considered great substitutes to real sex. They are both an alternative form of having sex so the practice is “alternative sex.”

Other times the sex has just gone stale between two people. Getting hold of some sex toys and games can really spice things up. A little dose of alternative sex can get things hot for couples and reignite that old flame again.

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Lucid Dreams V2: FREE Beta Demo

Virtual Sex 2014

Lucid Dreams Is Well On It’s Way To Being Officially Released

Earlier this year Sex Work 101 mentioned Lucid Dreams in an article about the best virtual sex games of 2014.

Recently, A free downloadable demo has gone up on Vieviev’s website. If you want to try out Lucid Dreams Vievev clearly states on there website that a powerful computer is needed:

“On a solid modern gaming system it’s possible to sustain 60fps consistently in VR mode with V-Sync on (recommended) There will be a slight drop in the Entrance Lobby to 40-50fps.”

Next Gen VR Sex

Visually Stunning Is One Way To Describe Vieviev’s Work

Unlike Wicked Paradise (Or “Lost in Wicked Paradise” as it’s called due to the recent rumor that it might be nothing more than vaporware), Lucid Dreams is clearly in motion to be the first real true virtual sex experience in a real 3D environment.

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The Best Video Game Porn Patches

Nude Blonde Video Game Girl

Video Game Porn Patches

Or nude patch as some refer to it.

Either way, Complex has really outdone themselves this time by compiling the best nude patches of all time in a single editorial.

sex in gta

GTA’s Porn Patch Is Probably One Of The Most Memorable

All the best and most recognizable are here (hot coffee, anyone?) as well as one or two that may have been missed by some of us.

nude brunette video game girl

Dead Or Alive Nudity Broke Into Mainstream Media When Team Ninja Threatened To Sue The Modders

Either way one can appreciate the painstaking detail modders have to go through to remove those virtual clothes off of your favorite video game hotty.

For the full list click here.

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Teletext Porn

7 bit porn

Adult Teletext Pic Before Ad Insert

Teletext is a computer informational system that works via television to transmit data in a unique way.

simple geo shape porn

Skilled Teletext Artists Had Their Work Cut Out For Them When It Came To 7 Bit Porn

Through pages of text and simple geometric shapes from mosaic blocks, images and information can be transmitted, thus taking the form of a simple media-based telecommunications device.

adult entertainment teletext

Dozens Of Teletext Phone Sex Services Popped Up Virtually Over Night

It wasn’t long before adult entertainment companies like phone sex lines and video porn started popping up in teletexts when teletext first came out in the UK back in the early 1970s.

simple graphic porn

Making Adult Pics In Teletext Was Not Easy

And so, teletext porn was born.

anal 8 bit

Teletext Porn Is A Bit Of A Collector’s Item For Adults

Now, being that teletext is 7-bit (7,175 bits per second per used lines) there wasn’t a whole lot to work with as far as graphics go. Images were simple but the idea, for the most part, could be conveyed.

big tit 8 bit

Teletext Porn Was Used For Adult Advertising When It First Came Out

Teletext is one more way technology has shaped the world of adult entertainment.

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