Chathouse 3D Gets Sexy Super Bowl 50 Update

Super Bowl 50 MMO Sex Upgrade from ThriXXX

Chathouse 3D just got a HUGE update from the folks over at ThriXXX. With the 50th Super Bowl this Sunday, ThriXXX added several new outfits for a fun and sexy Super Bowl party this year!

Here is the complete list of what is updated taken from ThriXXX’s official website:

  • 2 Packs with full Cheerleader outfits to give our customers favorite team the right support. Each including a Top, Skirt and Boots.
  • 2 Trikots for the Guys in the team colors
  • Hoodies in many different colors for those who don’t want to take a side in this
  • 3 pairs of sunglasses in different colors, because you know, in the Chathouse Villa the sun always shines

  • Hats off to ThriXXX for continuing to add great, new content to the most popular MMO sex game on the planet!

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    Bobbing big titty asian

    An entire website dedicated to Japanese AV stars’ boobs. That is what Oppai2 is pretty much. “Oppai” is the Japanese word for boobs. This site translates that perfectly.

    The porn business in Japan is pretty crazy. The stuff literally can be bought out of vending machines. Either way, any fans of Japanese porn are bound to recogonize one of the AV stars on this site.

    Check out Oppai2 today.

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    HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift: Best Choice For Virtual Porn Games

    The Difference Between The Oculus Rift And The HTC Vive In Terms Of Adult Gaming Is Minimal

    Oculus Rift Probably had the most buzz in the past few years but it wasn’t long until HTC Vive was the headset that people really started talking about. Now, the question VR porn gamers are asking: Which one is better for gaming?

    Let’s discuss the downside to both units first…

    If one was to get into virtual reality adult gaming using either the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive then a powerful computer would be needed. So, get ready to spend some bread if high quality VR adult XXX gaming is required.

    Now that that’s out of the way, the good…

    Both, the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are solid, high quality headsets that deliver. On a spec level, they are nearly identical but, it’s the little things that count. HTC Vive is backed by Steam but what does that mean for the adult gaming community? Nothing. Steam doesn’t allow porn games. Both units are identical in terms of their game library.

    Control-wise the Oculus touch just feels better; smooth and responsive. HTC Vive is lacking in this department. Again, this might be the only thing that truly seperates the Vive from the Rift at this point.

    When choosing between the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive for adult gaming it seems that it boils down to control preference. Happy Gaming!

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    New ThriXXX Update Online

    Adult PC Game 2016 Update

    Yesterday, the “AvatarMaker” was released by ThriXXX.

    The AvatarMaker is a browser-based 3D character-creation tool, it runs directly in their browser, no software needs to be installed making it quick and accessible. create avatars for websites and profiles, make pictures with it and even create full characters which can be imported in Chathouse 3D. The tool is free to use, all that is needed is a account.

    Along with this big update came a smaller update: “Short Fit Jeans” and a “Mini Skirt” for the ladies and some “Loose Fit Jeans” and a “Boxerbrief” for the guys. There are 36 colors so a unique look is quite possible.

    All ThriXXX titles are free to play so try one today!

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    The AO Rating Revisited

    PC games the were graced by the AO rating were rare

    The Entertainment Software Rating Board has multiple ratings that range from a “for anybody” rating to “absolutely for adults only” rating. It is a U.S-based organization which rates the content of video games to determine its appropriateness for specific age groups.

    Although it is not legally binding under U.S. law, the ESRB rating system is a de facto standard which is self-enforced by the U.S. video game and retail industries.

    porn game fucking in hot tub

    There are not many games that have been graced by the AO rating and many of them seem to have been published in the mid 90’s (thanks to one company primarily).

    MacDaddy Entertainment was a major driving force in the late 90’s when it came to AO rated PC games. Their “All Nude” series was quite a hit with 3 titles being released all in the same year: All Nude Cyber, All Nude Glamour, and All Nude Nikki.

    Adult PC game 2016

    Eventually, other adult game titles with big names attached to them started surfacing (Playboy: The Mansion Party) and the AO rating began to be take a little more seriously.

    Today, the rating is still upheld in some circle of concerned mothers and political enthusiasts but with virtual reality porn games about the hit shelves in droves with the headsets to take us into the next generation of adult gaming where every game receives the infamous AO rating.

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    VR Porn Vaporware

    VR Porn....How Much Longer Must We Wait

    VR Porn….How Much Longer Must We Wait?

    The term “vaporware” is a term used to describe a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced but never actually manufactured nor officially cancelled.

    Sinful Robot and Wicked Paradise, two companies revolving around the production of VR porn for VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, made waves a few years back when they were the forerunners of virtual reality porn (VR porn). Through demo vids, screenshots, and interviews, the world was set on getting true VR porn sometime in the near future…

    The infamous lounge area with stripper pole.  Wicked Paradise's most well known image.

    The infamous lounge area with stripper pole. Empty as any sign of the game being released soon

    Now we have Reddit threads that pose the question: What happened to these companies?

    User Nukemarine posted an interesting comment on the subject:

    “Sinful Robot and Wicked Paradise always felt like a scam to me. Set up a website with little to no content, put out a couple of vids with motion tracking session and a simple bedroom scene using free assets. Just smelled of ‘Get funding then worry about how the hell to pull it off if ever’. You can already watch porn on the rift. There’s programs out there that allow you to recreate porn scenes (Sexvilla or The Klub 17 depending on your paying preferences). Hell, you can even add mods to games like Skyrim of sexual nature. A company should be able to top these hacked contents. Anything less raises an eyebrow on legitimacy. Wicked Paradise got more free press than it ever deserved. Maybe it’s a good thing as it gave time for other companies to hold back to develop a more quality product.”

    So, was it all just a “scam” or some publicity stunt to raise the profile of a couple of companies that were relatively unheard of before their announcements?

    sinful robot promotional poster

    Time will tell.

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    Old School PC Sex Gaming For Retro Nerds

    funny adult entertainment nude mag

    Retro adult PC games?

    Seems like a rare, obscure form of adult entertainment, huh? This is where the Internet truly shines in the world of obscure, tech-based, adult entertainment. Old, mostly forgotten adult PC games have found a home on the net and with a little “cyber spelunking” it’s amazing what one can find…

    National Lampoon’s Blind Date

    Then, an adventure game, developed by 3Vision Games and published by Trimark (which was released in 1994) makes an appearance and all bets are off…

    Did National Lampoon Make an adult dating pc game...yes

    Not much is known about this one except that it involves the player’s character in a quest to get laid (surprising nobody).

    Commodore 64 Porn

    Old school computers like the Commodore 64 will always have a soft spot in older horny nerds’ hearts. Here’s proof:

    The Commodore 64 Became The CommoWHORE 69 Pretty Quick

    The above pic is just a porn compilation rather than an actual game. Regardless, it was produced at a time when porn on a person’s personal PC was relatively unheard of…

    Want to see more Commodore 64 porn? is an awesome source for Commodore 64 porn.

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    New Sex Gif Site Launched offers an impressive menu system that categorizes sex gifs with a surprising amount of detail offers an impressive menu system that categorizes sex gifs with a surprising amount of detail

    With the New Year, new things can come about. Online, that usually means new porn for a lot of web surfers :). One new site is quickly gaining a lot of traction…

    It’s called Dirty Sex Gifs and it’s the latest sex gif site to pop up online. Sex gifs are something covered in the past extensively (as some longtime readers probably know). Nothing new so far, right?


    Dirty Sex Gifs seems to be a cut above the rest of the sex gif sites out there which are 90% thrown together Tumblr blogs or just pages of scattered, random sex gifs.

    Dirty Sex Gifs aims to be different with numerous sex gif categories that are ever growing and more content than any other cheaply put together sex gif blog. So far, from first hand experience (pun intended) this site is something worth book marking for adult entertainment.

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    Autoputer: The Sexy Breathalyzer?

    Weird Breathalizer With Highly Sexually Suggestive Content

    Surfing the net for obscure adult entertainment, as I do, I came across a uniquely weird site that seems to be selling a breathalyzer of some kind.

    It gets weird when you scroll down to the bottom. The example users shown for the strange device go for family friendly to…exotic. The girls featured are voluptious and in positions “sucking” on the breathlyzer in a way that implies somebody with some photoshop skills got creative with porn perhaps.

    weird breathalyzer porn

    Hilarious to say the least.

    Either way it’s worth posting up to enlighten those out there that are on the hunt for the bizarre and sexy during the holidays. The full site went offline a while back but an archived version still exists online and can be found here (courtesy of wayback machine).

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    Google Now Sex Robot Shopper Friendly

    Google Advertises Sex Robots For Purchase In It's Search Engine Now

    If you do a search for [sex robot] in Google an interesting thing will now happen. Sponsored ads for sex robots are appearing at the top of the world’s most used search engine.

    Some of these products come close to the 8,000 dollar mark.

    It is clear that we have entered the high-tech sexual revolution that is very much motorized and mirco-ized and every other kind of “ized” imagineable.

    Google’s stance on adult targeted products has always been a grey area at best but with ads for high dollar sex toys showing up it look’s at if the search giant’s stance is shifting. No doubt, we will most likely see more adult targeted ads in the future as the world’s view on sex entertainment slowly begins to adapt to a high-tech, evolved sexually-driven society.

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