Adult Kratom Rochester NY Promotion

Hempire State Smoke Shop is running an adult kratom promotion currently. For what exactly? Promoting kratom for sexual drive. It is spinoff of the adult flash game Hempire that has recently gained a lot of popularity and helped promote the store.Hempire Game

Green Means Go. Red Means Stop.

Kratom Users recommend the use of green strains . It is highly consistent and acts as an enhancer and sexual stimulant. Effect of kratom on sexual enhancement increases the sex drive and encourages the sexual life.

Avoid using red strains especially the red vein because they have high amounts of 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloids. These alkaloids result in sexual dysfunction. Red kratom strains is more sedative and is preferred as a pain killer.

So what is the preferred way to take kratom for this purpose? Tea.

Below are some photos that Hempire is currently running to help promote their new kratom strains that are featured in their store. These are actual kratom tea users who enjoy drinking kratom to heighten their sex drive and make sex more enjoyable.

drinking kratom tea heightens sex drive

kratom rochester ny

nude kratom party

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HP Lovecraft BDSM Sex Game Is In The Works

HP Lovecraft Sex Game Based On The Cthulu Universe

Steam Greenlight is now offline and is not accepting any new game submissions but that doesn’t mean a few games have snuck through and are currently on their way to being developed. One game in particular, Lust for Darkness, has been garnishing a bit more attention over the others.

LFD (Lust for Darkness) takes place in the HP Lovecraft Cthulu universe and this becomes evidently clear from the few screen shots that are online. It’s dark, ambient environment is right up there with games like Amnesia and Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of The Earth.

At first glance it appears to be “just another lovecraftian game” but LFD is different in one very distinct aspect: It’s a BDSM sex game.

Macabre Sexual Imagery Is Prevalent In The Game

Macabre Sexual Imagery Is Prevalent In The Game

Yes, this is an adult game with plenty of kinky sex and horrofic gore and it has taken on a whole new perspective on the world of Cthulu. Lovecraft fans may just get a kick out of a game that combines horror and sex but any game that mainlines sex as the main attraction always has one big obstacle to get around: Gameplay.

It is not clear how LFD’s game mechanics will work but one thing is certain: the graphics are very well done, setting the mood perfectly for a point-and-click mystery.

It may just take a horror-based BDSM game to revive a tired, old genre in PC gaming.

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Ethereum: Adult Gaming’s Answer To It’s Own Cryptocurrency

If you heard of Bitcoin then, maybe…just maybe you have heard of Ethereum.

Although not as popular as it’s “older cousin” Bitcoin, Ethereum is growing in market cap faster than Bitcoin ever did and now the world of adult entertainment is partly responsible. A strip club that uses its own currency built on Ethereum. Welcome To the future of adult entertainment virtual currency


The Legends Room is an example and an answer rolled into one.

A new Las Vegas strip club, TLR had decided to issue its own cryptocurrency via Ethereum, a decentralized, blockchain-based computing platform that allows for the creation of custom tokens which will be redeemable for drinks and dances at the club, and distributed through a custom mobile app.

Privacy security and simplicity as a payment system not to mention your paper money is not growing in value. Ethereum is and it’s doing it on a weekly basis making for a currency that appreciates in value creating a trickle down effect that could increase the value of custom tokens built on the Ethereum platform. A lot of these tokens could be used for adult products and services.

Then there is the age verification solution. For years, a solid age verification system has ceased to exist but now with Ethereum’s smart, digital currency “Ether” birthdates (to determine if the currency holder is under 18 or older 18) can be stamped right on the money. Basically, thanks to Ethereum 2 forms of digital currency could theoretically be created: Digital currency for minors and digital currency for adults.

Online adult games could easily benefit from this technology when a free-to-play/freemium payment structure is popular these days. With a currency specifically for adults, age verification won’t be a problem for adult game making companies who want to ensure their adult game is played by adults only.

As adult gaming becomes increasingly more popular age restriction systems will become more in demand than ever before. “Smart currency” such as Ethereum could very easily meet that demand. It’s not hard to see Ether as a universal currency for online sex games.

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CGI Asian Lesbian Sex Game

For the CGI asian lovers (specifically Japanese). A plethora of hot lesbian sex action here.

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Hentai Drag And Drop Adult Puzzle

A digital puzzle with an “adults only” erotic twist. Like hentai? What about puzzles? Then this one is for you!

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Lesbian College Sex Game

Lesbians in college are the most fun. With the setting for this lesbian sex romp its’s a no-brainer that this had turned out to be one of the most erotic and sexually wild lesbian adult games out currently.

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2017 Lesbian Sex Simulation Game

This 2017 lesbian sex simulation game features some attractive 2D cel-shaded artwork.

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Lesbian Solo Sex Sim Spiderwoman Edition

A lesbian solo sex simulator with a marvel superhero twist. Spiderwoman gets naughty in this one.

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Lesbian Solo Sex Sim

She’s a lesbian who’s looking for some solo sex fun…will you help her out?

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Amateur Lesbian Sex Simulator

One of the first lesbian sex simulators to grace the internet back on Newgrounds more than 10 years ago. It’s a bit rough around the edges by today’s standards for a lezzy sex sim (just look at the artwork) but it is still well known.

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